Hip Labram Story & Recovery


How many of you are runners out there? How many of you do crossfit, weights, or workout in some form or fashion? 

Did you answer YES to any of those questions?

Okay, so how many of you stretch or foam roll before or after you workout?

How many of you felt some kind of pain and just kept pushing through out, because you were told pain is gain?

This post is for you then!

My recovery story started January 2018, but happened 2 years prior to that. I haven’t posted on here in a while because, well to be honest, I didn’t know what to write since I was trying to figure out who I was again.

I used to be a tried and true runner, crossfitter, biker and hard core work out guru. Well, 2 years ago, one little workout move changed that for me completely.



Let me paint a picture for you….I was working out at crossfit (I was not a hard core crossfitter and I have nothing against anybody who does crossfit, nor do I blame crossfit for my particular injury.)  Just someone who wanted to get a good sweaty workout in. I loved to sweat and feel the burn as I was lifting weights. I was doing a normal squat snatch when all of a sudden I heard a “pop”. I didn’t feel anything from it, and wasn’t sure what it was, but immediately put the weight down knowing I probably should pick it back up. I started to foam roll and stretch thinking I might have done something to a muscle.

Fast forward 2 years, 2 MRI’s (one without dye and one with it in my hip), chronic, weird pain in my back and hip from standing all day teaching, not being able to run without pain, (I could bike, which was odd), multiple chiropractor appointments and two steroid injections later…


I finally went to my brother, who is an orthopedic surgeon and said….okay…..something is wrong and we need to figure it out. After the MRI with dye we figured out I had a small tear in my labram. For those of you who have never heard or seen this before….it is a very weird placement to have pain. You will feel pain in your hip and back, but it is right above your hip bone and way deep in your body to where it is hard to target it with massaging and chiropractic care.

Image result for hip labral tear

Fast forward to 2 months from then and I have surgery and 5-6 months after that I have physical therapy 2 times a week every week. When I asked the doctor what might have caused it, his response “Overuse”.

Overuse!!!  There is no way….,but wait, yes there is. Did I always stretch before or after working out..NO! Did I always listen to my body…NO! I guess he is right and I am now paying for it!

Now, after surgery and PT I am able to workout, but I am very aware of my body and when something hurts, I stop. I don’t care how hard I workout as long as I am burning calories and I am not in pain. I do not have a desire like I used to, to be better, but only to be able to listen to my body and get a workout in. I used to run half marathons and do I wish I still could…YES, but I am not in a immediate need to do that.

Now I look at those people I workout with or see working out or those people that sit all day and my first thought is…I wonder if they foam roll or stretch, or I hope they keep their chest up when lifting, that may hurt their back later or I hope they get up at some point today and stretch…sitting can be harmful for you too.

I wrote those short brief look into my story as my hope is, if you feel pain, stop whatever you are doing and listen to your body. Don’t push so hard that you end up having to go through what I went through.

Listen to your body, it does talk to you, just not in a normal speaking fashion. DSC_0599

If you read this and have questions regarding more detail as to what all I went through, I am happy to talk to you and tell you more of my story. 


Hidrate Spark Bottle Review


The Hydrate company was awesome enough to let me review a water bottle that they have been promoting recently. I was super excited to be able to preview and use this bottle.

Being a teacher, I am constantly on my feet and running around all over my room, the school and other places. I always forget to drink water and usually never get the right amount in me, which is extremely frustrating for someone who likes to workout and eat right.

Enter Hydrate Spark Water Bottle. This bottle was easy to set up and assemble from the beginning. IMG_1711IMG_1715

It came in an enclosed box all wrapped up in bubble wrap.





Once I figured out how to assemble the bottle and placed the small battery into the water bottle from there, I had to set up the app on my phone. It was super easy to download and it sends you reminders for when you need to drink more water.

This bottle lights up when it’s time to drink, and connects to your phone so you know exactly how much water you have consumed through the day. The bottle comes in cute colors. I love turquoise, so I decided on that color since it was so pretty.


When it is time to drink more water, the bottle glows very brightly for all to see. Even while I was in school, the bottle would start glowing and if I didn’t see it, my students would say, “Your bottle is glowing”. “Does that mean you are supposed to drink more water now?” I loved that because it was just a natural reminder for not only me, but also for my students.

I can honestly say that I love this bottle. It connects to your phone via bluetooth, it can pair with a fitbit, glows to remind you to drink more water and sends you phone alerts to remind you to drink the water if you are not. On the app, it also tells you how many ounces of water you have drunk and how many more ounces you need to drink.

So far, I have hit my goal on most days. The only time I have not is if I leave it in my room during a meeting and I can’t get back to it right away. I am all about making ways a little easier when I am teaching so that I can get my required amount of water and exercise.

There were two things that I was not a fan of when it came to the bottle that could be easily fixed:

  • It sweats easily if I put cold water and ice in it. It does keep my water cold, but it sweats very quickly which is frustrating when I am by the computer. I think if some insulation was added, it would be awesome!
  • After numerous times of opening the top, it usually would pop open, but the small piece on top of the bottle that opens it quickly broke off and I wasn’t able to put it back on there.
  • It didn’t fit very well into my bike water bottle holder, which isn’t a big deal, but would have been nice if it did.

Other then those three things, the bottle was awesome! I loved using it and having the chance to review it! Thank you Hydrate Spark for allowing me to review your awesome product.

Disclaimer: No compensation was given for reviewing this product. A bottle was sent to me free of charge in return for my honest opinion. 

Hitting Close to Home


This weekend I attended a funeral for a Louisiana State Police Officer. I did not know this officer personally, but I knew his daughter through my husbands family.

Sgt. Tracy Morgan was a wonderful, loving, and honorable man to his family and to his Brothers in Blue. He died last week, leaving this earth incredibly to soon. He loved his family more than words could express and always made time for them even when time was limited. He was an expert crisis negotiator which takes a certain kind of person to be able to take on. He trained numerous officers in this field and was alwasy there to help one of his fellow officers.


One thing that I noticed more than anything at the funeral was Mr. Morgan’s wife. Anytime that I saw her she had such composure and calmness. I was told that she is a strong woman of faith and this was very true on this day. As a troopers wife you worry everyday about your husband, but never speak about it. They put theirself on the line day in and day out, but if you let that take over your mind and your heart, it will take over your life.

Being the wife of a Texas State Peace Officer this funeral hit incredibly close to home. There were officers from many different parishes in the state of Louisiana. My husband and I felt that since we knew the family we should come to support the family. My husband dressed in his Class A uniform and represented Texas with pride. On a side note, one person from the church even told my sister-in-law that she saw a Texas Ranger at the funeral. :0)

For all the people out there that are married to an officer, whether it be husband or wife, know that my thoughts are with you daily as you struggle with the fear, anxiety, and uncertantity of their job. Always tell them that you love them before they get in their patrol car with that gun belt and vest on. There are never enough hours in the day to spend with them, so spend what time you do have together and cherish every minute. You never know when it will be the last.


In the coming days and months, times will be hard for this family. My deepest prayers go out to them. From one State Peace Officers wife to another all my love goes to you, your family and friends that knew Sgt. Tracy Morgan.

2017 Goals


I am not one that usually sets resolutions for each year. I like to set a few goals for the year and once I achieve them, I add some goals to that. In 2016 there were a lot of medical expenses, small trips and other odds and ends that made it a very tough year. This year I have set a few goals to start with and also a few long term goals as well.

  1. Pay off Medical Debt from 2016

Between  different procedures that my husband and I both had our medical expenses were stretched, so my goal for this year is to pay off this debt however it can be done.


2. Take care of my injury in my back and start training for a Full Marathon (if that is not possible), at least another half or more.

I found out last month that I have what is called a disc extrusion in my lower back. I have to see a specialist and I am hoping to have that taken care of very soon so that I can get back to my normal workout routines.


3. Complete another Sprint Tri and spend time with these awesome ladies!

I completed a Sprint Tri in October 2016 and loved it! I am hoping to do at least 1 more this year! These two girls are simply amazing and always go along with my crazy adventures!


4. Grow closer in my walk with Christ.

This is a very important part of my life. My goal here is to do more Bible studies this year and to grow stronger in what God has planned for my future.

never try, never know

5. Explore more parks with my husband.

There are so many National Parks out there that I want to explore and visit. I am hoping to see more of those this year within Texas.


6. Find and ride in more bike races.

Since I am currently in the process of purchasing a new road bike and practicing with it  I would like to gain more experience with it this year. It is very new to me and I have been working to gain more experience on it and on the different roads.


Have you come up with goals of your own or maybe you created resolutions for this year? What is one of yours?

Gone for a Run Virtual Resolution Run 5K


This year has proven to be a very tough one for me…physically, mentally, financially and emotionaly. I think my husband and I hit every high level of these topics this year but we battled through and are stronger now than we were. As my husband told me, it builds character and only makes us stronger! I am grateful for the answers that we got in 2016, but am ready to move forward with the solutions at this point. More on that later though in my goals post.

Gone for a Run was hosting the Resolution Run Virtual 5K and I decided to participate in it this year. I am not able to run for a long distance (more than a mile) right now due to my back, so I decided to ride my bike for 5.5 miles and run half a mile to make 6 miles.


I love that Gone for a Run sends you an actual bib and medal for these races! I have a wonderful neighborhood to run in and it makes getting 3-6 miles easy. I was also about to use my new Garmin 235 watch, which I LOVE! The bib this year had fireworks on it and the medal was New Year glasses.

I did the biking first and then proceded with the run which felt great to get back out there. If you want to participate in Gone for a Run’s Virtual Races they usually host one every month!

My goal for working out this year is to figure out what is going on with my back, fix it and get back out there doing whatever I can do!

Did you participate in a Resolution Run this year? Virtual or in your hometown? 

Spindle Top Spin turned Birthday


My friends and I were going to be riding 29 miles in the Spindletop Spin Bike Ride. Due to……you guessed it RAIN, it was cancelled. We were all pretty upset about this, but we were also okay with it. I had already registered and lost $30.00 out of it, so I was very determined to pick up my packet and t-shirt from the site that morning.

I had even bought a new helmet for the ride that I was super excited to wear! My friend Mary and I picked up my shirt and they offered one to her and our other friend Chelsey for free too! We were all super excited because the shirts were SUPER CUTE!

After we picked up our packet, we raced back home to finish a few things and then picked up Chelsey! It was her birthday this week so we were headed out to celebrate with her!

Our plan was to go paddle boarding, but due to the…..you guessed right again, RAIN….we had to change our plans.

We decided instead to go to a Paleo restaurant and then go rock climbing…which was a new adventure for us all!

We ate at this yummy place called “Corner Table” in Houston. If you haven’t tried it, you need too. It has paleo options to eat. I got the salmon, which came on top of some ravioli and let’s just say that I CLEANED my plate! It was so delicious.

After lunch, we found this cute little bakery that sold macaroons, so had to get some of these…

These little babies were not cheap, but they were oh so good! Check out the picture above, you notice the sky! Guess what it did on this day…..yep, RAIN!

After we ate our yummy treats and got some to go, we made our annual trip to Lululemon. I had 2 gift cards to here that I was so excited to use. The stuff in this store is not cheap at all, but all of there workout gear is worth the price! I walked out with 2 sports bars which I LOVE and a new pair of speed shorts, which are phenomenal for crossfit and running!


These two girls are amazing and I do not know what I would do without them!


Our next adventure was ROCK CLIMBING! We had never tried this before and wanted to take it on and see how we did!

There was quite a bit of trial and error! My old camp days were coming back to my mind from doing high ropes courses, but all in all we had a lot of laughs, sweating, climbs and great times. I would recommend this gym to try out! Try going on any day but Saturday though, because they tend to have a lot of birthday parties. It was quite crowded when we went.

Event though we couldn’t do the Spindle Top Spin bike ride, we still ended up having a great day with great friends celebrating Chelsey’s birthday!

Have any of your bike rides or races been rained out lately?

We are hoping to get in a couple more if it doesn’t RAIN! 

Happy Birthday US Army- Hero Wod


On Tuesday, I was able to participate in a Hero Wod at my crossfit gym. This wod was celebrating the United States Army birthday on June 14, 1775 and also honoring the victims  and families from the shooting in Orlando. The events that have been happening have really made me think about how grateful and lucky I am to live where I live. I feel like sometimes I am in a bubble and in my own little world.

My heart hurts for these families that have loved ones going through this. This Hero Wod is designed to make you work harder than your body thinks it can, to keep pushing to finish even though your head tells you to stop. It is designed to push hard for the victims and the people who put their life on the line each and every day!

This is how the wod went….


Complete as many rounds as possible in 60 minutes of:
17 power cleans, 135 lb.
75 squats
Unload the barbell and carry it 200m then Run 200m.
Return to the plates and then carry one plate 200m, then Run 200m. 

Retrieve the second plate, carry it 200m and reload the barbell for the next round.

You repeated this workout over and over again for an hour. If you had to leave at 45 minutes (end of class) then you could, but everybody in my class stayed and finished the full 60 minutes. It was hard, but I truly enjoyed this workout and knowing that I may not be doing alot, but I was doing something to honor these different occasions!


Thank you to the Army for putting your life on the line everyday for our freedom. Thank you to the men and women that went into the nightclub and sacrificed your life for the lifes of others. My prayers are with each and every family!