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The Louisiana Half Marathon: Expo


I am going to break these post up into 3 different post: Expo, Half Marathon and After the Race!

I have not ran a half marathon since 2011. I ran 4 within the December-May time period and I think I burned myself out! I had to take a break for my body and see what else I wanted to do. That is when I started getting into the mud runs which I still have a passion for! This past year I started getting the itch to run another half marathon, so I decided on one that I already knew about and that was the Rock N Roll New Orleans. Some sweet parents for my end of the year teacher gift paid for my race registration.

Then, my sister-in-law Karen decided we should sign up for The Lousisiana Half Marathon and get the Double Down Medal. I am all about that BLING!! I signed up, knowing that these races were back to back weekends! Was I crazy, yes, but that is okay!

We left Saturday morning around 10a.m. because the race was in Baton Rouge! I was up and at it and leaving my house in Texas around 6:30-7a.m.


My in-laws were coming with us and they drove their car which was oh so amazing!


We got to the expo and there was a slight mix up with my bib number. I registered at the same time as my sister-in-law, but they couldn’t find my bib. I had to go down to another lady and they said some of them came in late! They found mine quickly and handed it to me! Phew!!!


After a few photo ops and my inlaws being totally confused as to why they have bibs, we started searching around the expo!


I guess they were not prepared to run tomorrow! :0) hehe



I loved everything about the expo. It was larger then what it had been in the past from what I heard and there was lots of different booths.


A few more photos and a stop of lots of different booths and then we headed to our hotel to check in.


This race holds a special place in my heart because it was the first half marathon I ever ran. It was on Halloween weekend/Voodoo weekend in New Orleans. Such a interesting weekend to run a half marathon. I stopped and talked to them for a little while! I would definitely run this race again. Plus, it supports the Children’s Hospital and I am all about helping kids since I teach.


We got back to the hotel and I pulled out all my swag! I got two different t-shirts a glass, sticker, sweatybands and a magnet. I put my clothes out for the race the next day and felt like I was ready to go! We decided them we were going to go get some food, however everyplace we went to was at least a 45 minute wait. So, we decided to go to Whole Foods and got pizza and salad! It was perfect…

10933147_10101223638530758_1233654812_n 10943334_10101223572802478_1370687482_n

I think as far as I can tell that I was ready for the race the next day. I just wanted to finish it at this point. That was my goal. Finish the race without an injury! Stay tuned to see how the race went!

Question: How long have you taken a break from long distance running before?