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2 More Mud Runs…Oh Me, Oh My


That is right, I have another mud run that I have just been registered for. It is called the…Image

My friend is working on the Couch to 5K program, and this is the race that she has registered for to complete her program. We are also planning on doing 2 more races, but I will leave those as a surprise for later.

The Merrell Down and Dirty is going to be in Dallas, Tx. It is the first time they have brought this race to Texas and while I am not a fan of inaugural races in new areas, I am willing to do this one with her to help her. I will be running this race in June, but before that I just found out some more EXCITING NEWS!!!!!!

This past November I ran the Winnie Wars Part 2 Mud Run (Check out my Recap on my Recaps tab) and I also ran the WW3.5 Mud Run (also on recaps). Well, they are having another Mud Run in May and I did not think I was going to be able to run it because of registering for 3 other races and trying to purchase a home this summer/fall, but guess what……

Taking off towards the next obstacle!


Your Alive...Now Survive...

After the Winnie Wars Part 2 Mud/Obstacle Run

I received a free registration to participate in the next Mud Run put on by the same people in May!! I am so beyond excited about this. With how much rain we have had and it being South East Texas 90+ degree weather, this really makes me excited to run it!

Question: Have you ever ran a mud run or are you going to be running one? 


Weekly recap and a Sneak Peek


This weekend I ran the Sundown Dollar Dash in South East Texas! Here is just a sneak peek of what the race has to come, but I am waiting on official pictures! I have a busy week planned with visiting family in different states.

This is before it got completely dark! We were already glowing it up! My friend Lori and I had a blast and people loved what we wore.

A better recap to come as soon as I have pictures.

Last Weeks Workout Recap: 

Monday– Ran 2 miles

Tuesday– Rest

Wednesday– Ran 2.5 miles

Thursday and Friday– Rest for 5K

Saturday night– 3.5 mile race/fun run

Full recap coming as soon as I have official pictures.

I hope all you teachers have a great week back unless you are on spring break and I hope you enjoy your time off!

Time to Relax


Spring break has officially started!!!! Woooooooohoooooo! I am so excited to have a week off! Although my brain will not be turned off from school, it will be good to finally relax some!

We had half a day of school yesterday and let’s just say that it was crazy busy! Conferences, Star Time, St. Patricks day activities, P.E., pack up, lunch and home! You try to fit that all in in one day! It is quite hard.

Many schools were on spring break last week, but now it is my turn! Does that mean that the lakes will not be that crazy? What did you do over spring break? My plan is to visit family that I have not seen in a while and to relax. Oh and read “The Hunger Games”. Has anybody else read and finished this trilogy? I am reading the first book right now and I am hooked.

I am not sure what it is about this book that pulled me in, but I love it so far! I have heard you will not be able to put it down. I hope this is true as I read more.

Marathon training is going great! I ran 3 times this week and then I am running tonight. What am I running may you ask……

This race is all glow in the dark! I have ran a couple of mud runs with this group and it was a blast. My friend and I have used glow in the dark paint and have tons of glow sticks to tape and put on our body! The neat part of this race is that you could run huge prizes such as cash for running or walking it! So I figured, sure why not run it! It looks like fun!

Stay tuned for a recap of the race as I will have my phone taking pictures with me! 

Question: What did or are you doing for Spring Break this year? 

Conference Time Again???? EEEEKKKKK!


Did everybody remember to spring forward????????????????


I know I did! I had to get up yesterday and go to my grandmas house. She passed away a few years ago, but we had to go back over there. That is saved for another post.

Many teachers and students are on Spring Break, but not this girl. Our spring break is not until next week. Am I just a little bummed…..yes, but it is okay! My day started out great, because I had half a day of school today due to parent conferences.Yes, those dreaded things that most teachers do not look forward too.

If you have never been to one or given one, they are not the most fun things in the world, but if the parents are understanding, and keep up with what their children are doing, then it can go great! All of my conferences went great today. I try to be upfront and personal with each one of my parents and really let them know how their children are doing. I have finished all but 2 and I am ready to go for my run.

Last week I showed you my squash that I had planted and well this week check them out….

They are actually growing! EEEEEEKKKKKK! I have not killed one yet! I am so excited. And what is even neater is that they are going towards the window (sunlight). I am going to show my kids tomorrow and turn them around to show them how plants go towards the light.

Check out these cute little things that I found in my hanging basket infront of my apartment yesterday….

Are they not just the cutest things in the world! The mom left to get them some food and I just happened to walk out at the perfect time period.

Last Weeks Workout:

Monday- Ran 2 miles

Tuesday- Ran 2.5 miles

Wednesday- Rest

Thursday- Rest

Friday- Rest

Saturday- Ran 2 miles and played putt-putt

Sunday- Cleaned and organized the entire place.

Next week I will start cross training according to my schedule, so I am going to throw in some Insanity on the days that I would rest.


Growing a Garden….I hope I don’t kill it!


“Mary Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow…..”.

We are starting a new project at our school where we are growing different fruits, vegetables and flowers in a garden. The kids will get to grow their own plants and then help to take care of them. 4th Grade is planting watermelons and tomatoes and then my class just planted squash. Now, I am not the biggest fan of squash, but it was the better option from the other seeds.

Which seed do you think is out of place? hmmmmmmmmm……..

That’s right. The orange seed is just a little bit different. My students went to ihop the other day and found out that they are giving out Truffala Tree seeds. They were so excited that they decided to bring these seeds to school so we could plant them there.

We will be starting our Garden next week and then after that guess what that week is…….? SPRING BREAK!!!! What teacher does not LOVE spring break! Well, I do.

I am very excited about our future garden and getting the kids involved in the process. My students were so excited today to see that some of their seeds are actually growing.

On a running front, I ran 2 miles on Monday and Tuesday and then I rested yesterday, today and tomorrow. Then Saturday I will run 3 miles. I am trying not to think to far ahead in my marathon training and just taking it day by day. If I look to far ahead, then I will get very overwhelmed.

And just for your enjoyment and in recognition of the movie, “The Lorax”….

My baby girl Milly with her Lorax toy. She loves it! 

Question: What are you training for right now?

Faith and Fighting for a Healthy Life


*****Warning******  This is pretty long. If you read all of it, Thank you!

This is the story about how I came all the way to running my first Half Marathon.  I had been training for this run since August 2010, but even before that. I started running right before I got married in March 2009. I built my way up from not even a mile to 13.1 miles!

Let’s back up about 23 years though, before I was even thought of.  If it had not been for these number of events I would have never made it as far as I have. My brother James was three years old and my grandmother and him had gotten in a car crash going through an intersection. My grandmother died instantly and my brother died a few hours later after he had gotten to the hospital. This was a hard time for my family, because my parents were finished having kids, however after this terrible thing, my mother said she wanted another child.
This is where I come in the picture….
Somewhere around a year after my brother passed away my mother found out that she was pregnant with me. This was supposed to be almost impossible because of my parents age, but I still came to be. My mother’s pregnancy went great up until right before I was born.
The doctors wanted to stick this HUGE needle in my mothers stomach to find out if there was going to be something wrong with me or if I was going to be Mentally retarded. My mother asked what the risk were or if they found out something was wrong with me if they would be able to fix it. What did they say…NO!

Since it was such a series procedure, my parents decided not to have it done.
I was supposed to be born on May 11th, however that did not happen and I ended up coming a little less than a month later. My mother went into the hospital and they knew something was wrong, so they started to get me out. As I was born, they realized that my lungs were not fully developed and that my mother and I had also FLATLINED!

They were able to revive us, but they knew I needed to transferred to a hospital that had the resources that I needed. One of those resources was an ECMO Machine for Infants….

The $60,000 ECMO machine acts like a set of lungs, taking carbon dioxide out of his blood and putting oxygen back into his blood.  “In the past, babies who had severe heart or lung diseases couldn’t get enough oxygen into their system, and 90% of them died.  The ECMO machine puts the oxygen into their blood so their hearts and lungs don’t have to work as hard and can heal.  Now, more than 90% of them survive.”

I was transported to Lackland AirForce Base in San Antonio, which is exactly where my brother ended up working as a surgeon years later.

I was transported by plane and one thing that was weird and completely an act of Faith was that the person that flew the plane did not want my parents to pay her. My parents felt horrible because they wanted to give her something, so when they got to the hospital in San Antonio, they asked one of the nurses to find the lady who flew the plane and that nurse said that she did not know who my mom was talking about. They ended up never figuring out who it was that flew the plane to San Antonio. Some people say it was just a nurse nobody knew, other people say it was just a stranger. In my heart and soul, and my parents know it was an Angel watching over my family and me. I like to think in my mind that it was my brother or grandmother watching over me.

I was put inside of the ECMO machine immedietly, however at that time it was under EXPERIMENTATION! Which means that my parents were taking a huge risk putting me under this. It ended up costing my parents nothing to use it, since it was still being tested, where now days you are paying hundreds and thousands of dollars to use it. That was a huge blessing. I am not sure how long as I was in there, but on Mother’s Day, I was able to come home. At this time my lungs had developed some more, and I had tubes put in my ears.

I had a scare on my neck that stretched from my ear to the lower part of my neck. It was very noticeable at that time, but now, unless you look closely or my skin has gotten a little bit darker from being outside in the summer, you can not really notice it.

It is hard to tell in this picture, but I am the the little girl in the right picture. The little boy with the cast on his feet is my husband when he was a baby. If you look at me, I look completely normal, and I like to think I came out normal, however my parents were told that I would not be able to speak, hear, see or even move correctly. My parents have never given up on me. When I first came home, only my family was allowed around me, but nobody else could come near me. They would have to stay in another room.

Needless to say, those doctors were all WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! I have perfect vision, can speak normally (although I have trouble with my r’s, but most people do not even notice after they have talked to me), I can hear perfectly fine and I grew up playing all kinds of sports.

The pictures above are my Senior year in cheerleading, high jump in track and Drill Team/Band.

I grew up tumbling for 13+ years being able to do full twist in the air, playing volleyball, basketball, track, weightlifting, cheerleading, dance and band. Now if you were to ask any of the doctors if they thought I would be able to do any of this when I was born, they would have told you NO!

Needless to say, my brother passing away allowed me to be alive and I wish everyday that he was still here, but I also am grateful that he gave me the chance to be here. God always has a plan in his mind, even if it does take somebody amazing away from people who love him. I am grateful that God has given me the life that I have and has allowed me to do the things that I have done despite everything that happened to me whenever I was born. There was so many things that happened that could have stopped my parents or I to not achieve the things that I have.

After finishing my first half marathon (see the picture above. This is right before I crossed the finish line), I know that know matter what doctors or anybody else says, you can do anything if you put your mind and heart to it.

The picture above shows how I felt and every emotion going through me after I finished my half marathon! I could not believe that I had finished it, even though I was told by some people that it would be impossible, I FINISHED! It was one of the top 10 most amazing times in my life! This shows the true spirit of somebody who has trained for and finished something that they have worked for in their life!
Somebody once told me something that I found pretty funny. “If you want  to prove somebody  wrong, tell a Texan they can not do something.  They they will show you that it can be done.”

If you made it to the end, thank you for reading. I hope that I inspired at least one person to complete something that they may be struggling with. I am now training to run my second half marathon. On top of the one I am training for, I have 3 more that I am planning to run…hopefully!

My question for you: 

Have you ever had anybody tell you that you would not be able to do something and you proved them wrong?


I am trying out something new. My name is Kayla and I have been blogging at Freedom of Running for the past 1 1/2 years. I loved blogging there, however I felt that my blog needed a new name since my career and life has taken somewhat of a turn in the past year.

Over the past 2 years I have trained to run 5 half marathons and in the process of training for my first full marathon! I am very excited about this and am even more excited about using this blog to help me keep track and stay on top of my life and my running adventure. I am working on the layout of my blog now, so stick with me as I work through these changes!

If you are a new follower, welcome and be patient with me! I love new followers!


My husband and I.                                              Before my last half marathon. Run Girl 13.1