Sundown Dollar Dash Recap


The weekend before last I ran the Sundown Dollar Dash and I had a blast! This was did not start until 8pm and we were told to wear anything that would glow ourselves up! I am going to go through some pros and cons of the race as it was the first time the race was put on. The people who put the race on are amazing people and I have ran 3 races with them now.

The back of our shirts. This was also the first time I had worn my Running Skirts Sparkle Heart skirt.

I met some of my friends who were also running in this race.

I created the back of our shirts with glow in the dark paint. We also both created the front of our shirts using the same thing.

*Interesting Tip: If you are outside in a glow in the dark race, shine a light on the glow in the dark paint, and it will help prolong the life of the glow for the glow in the dark. This way it will still show up when you run.

We cut holes in the bottom of our shirts and wrapped glowsticks around our waist as well.


The Pros:

  • Start time: Was awesome for a spring (feels like summer) time in Southeast Texas!
  • Price: $30.00- Not to bad.
  • Dance Party: Loved having a dance party at the end and then the beginning of the race
  • Support: This race had such great support along the way and for sure at the end of the race.
  • No Timing: As I know a lot of people race for time, this race was just for fun and I loved it! I love running fun races that do not have a time and just encourage people to get out there and GET ACTIVE!!!!!!
  • Course: Loved seeing all of the people with their glowsticks along the race. We were close to the road, so I am curious what people thought when they looked over here at the race course and saw a bunch of people with bright lights.

I made the back of our shirts. My friends number was 9 and I was 6.

Before the race started and as we were getting all of our glowsticks on.

The Cons:

  •  Race swag– There was not very much. No shirt and the race bibs were the same for this race as the previous mud run.
  • Prizes: There were only about 4-5 winners I think in all and I was under the impression that there would be more winners than that.
  • Course: The course had to be changed at the last minute due to a DOWNPOUR of rain. (Thank you mother nature! Seriously, Thank you!!) There was however not much lighting along the course, so it was a little harder to see.
  • Water: This race was a 5K, and some people it may have been there first race. Since the race was not in the morning, it was not as hot, but it was still warm and it would have been nice to have water.
  • Signs: I wish there would have been some signs on the road telling us where to go. If you are directionally challenged like myself, you can see why that may help.

I love the race directors that put this on. They are so awesome and have always tried to accommodate and answer any question I have. On my last post I told you all I got a free registration for a mud run. Well that mud run is the same one these people put on! Overall, it was a great race, but just like with all first time races, it could have been better and we learn as we go! I am looking forward to the next one they put on. I have already suggested to them a couple of ideas.

$20+ dollars spent on glow sticks, glow paint

2-3 hours spent on shirts

80+ glowsticks around our necks, bracelets, legs, shirt, hair, waist and glowstick glasses…



Such as: A Halloween Race that you can use glowsticks in, running on the beach we have close by, marking the route with christmas lights to help light the course or something along those lines, etc. And many other ideas.

I will leave you with a few of the professional pictures that were taken…







Can you find me? Hint: I am the one with the weird glasses and the sparkle hearts running skirt.



Question: Have you ever ran a race like this? If so, what good things did you notice, so that I can pass along the suggestions.

About thelittlerunningteacher

Hi! My name is Kayla and I am a 4th Grade teacher. I have ran quite a few half marathons, mud/adventure runs and many other 5K's and 10K's. I love working out and staying active. I love crossfit and swimming and keeping myself in shape. My family and God are what keep me going each day! Journey with me through my crazy life as a teacher and staying active. I am always up for trying new things!

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  1. I’ve never run a race like this but it sounds like a great idea! It kinda reminds me of the Color Run that I’ve seen people blog about but glow in the dark. One of our local race organizers hosts a race that is through 2 neighborhoods, and he says he’s going to get them to have a contest for the most support/cheering, then give a donation to those neighborhoods or do something special for them.

    I personally think all races should have a water stop though, even just 1 for a 5K. With more and more people starting to run, almost every race now attracts first timers and it’s just a good safety idea. Better safe than sorry when people are running or walking.

    • I am hopefully going to be running the color run this year with a friend Amy! I love the idea of doing that and getting all colorful! I love whenever there is a huge cheering support during the race! That is huge plus for me!

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