Brazilian Butt Lift


How many of you out there wish you could make that flab and non-toned area in the back in more toned and lifted???????


My mothers side of the family decided to bless me with a very large backside, or well, let’s just say it…BUTT!!!! Since I started running in 2009 I have lost quite a bit of weight back there, but no matter what I tried I could never get it more toned.

I have tried such things as Insanity, P90X, running, working out, swimming and many other videos. Nothing has seemed to help my backside to lift up some, but none of this has worked.

Well, I have found something a little bit different now….

This was my birthday gift to myself. This program is called “Brazil Butt Lift” and it is from the Beach Body Program. I have done “Insanity” through BeachBody and loved it. I also saw results from this program.

I am very excited to see the results from this program. Whereas I will not be posting pictures of my backside to see before and after results, I will post some side views of before and after.

Within this program, it comes with a meal plan, “Pencil Test”, tape measure and exercise band. The program is only 4 weeks long, which is much nicer than the Insanity  or the P90X programs.

I am excited to try this program out and see the results from this.

Question: Have you completed this program or something similar to it already?

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  1. I’ve never done this, but I have to say, for 26 I have a pretty nice badonkadonk (minus this one little “dimple” I’ve had since I was like 10, I don’t think any amount of weight loss or exercise will make that go away, but anyway). Obviously being a runner and losing weight, yes, I lost some back there.

    I’ve never done Brazilian butt lit or anything, but what really helps are squats and DEADLIFTS. Trust me, if you do a few sets of deadlifts as a part of a weights workout each week, you will notice changes back there. They work the entire back of the body and they will make your hammies sore! I also do the glute machine at the gym. I use fairly heavy weights (I dead 75 for 2 sets of 10) but not extremely heavy.

    Anyway, you’ll have to let me know how this program works for ya! Sorry I rambled on and on about butts, LOL. But you asked 🙂

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