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Mud Run Rescheduled for….?


My mud run that I was supposed to have 2 weekends ago is finally HERE! I am so excited about this run. We are supposed to run at 1:00, but instead we bumped it down to 11. Since it is memorial weekend there will not be that many people there so a lot of the waves are pushed around a bit! Have I mentioned that I have not ran in a few weeks. It should be an interesting run. I know my excuse is that I do not have much time, but I really have not had hardly anytime at all.  I will have tons of pictures coming up this weekend, but my weekend is booked solid! My list is beyond long! 

-2nd Grade Class Video                          -Newsletter

-Write out Awards for students                -Swimming Lessons Schedule

-Mud Run                                              – Class Book

-Final Grades

That is only a few of the things that I can think off, but most of those things takes up a ton of time. We only have 4 days left of school and I am excited, the kids are excited, so it is a great feeling to be so close to being done with my first year of teaching. 

I will be carrying my new waterproof,shockproof, dust/dirt/mud proof camera with me tomorrow to try it out. Hopefully I will get some good shots out of that! 

Question: What is everyone else’s Memorial Day plans? Lake, beach, hanging out with family?

Coming up: I will be having a review and small giveaway in the next week after I finish school. 


End of the Year


Does any other teacher out there feel like the end is so near, yet so far away????

We have 8 days left now until the end of school and I am so excited. I have almost made it through my first year of school. This was my first day of school morning…(blurry I know)


And my room looked like this…Image


Pretty bare huh….

Trust me, I have added way more things to this room. I will be taking pictures at the end of the year to show you the after pictures. 

I started out the year with 8 students and I have more than doubled since the beginning of the year. I now have 18 students in my class…2 sets of twins, 12 girls and 6 boys. I love my class and God sure did decide to test my faith in him this year as well as my patience this year. 

We have so many different things coming up in school such as Awards, Luau Party and Field Day! I am so excited about all of these things coming up, but I sad about my kids leaving. I have been working on their slideshow/movie/gift and I am hoping that it comes together well for the parents and the kids. 

Question: What all do you remember doing at the end of the year with your students? Or if you are a parent, did you get anything at the end of the year from your kids that you remember? 

American Idol…Josh Ledet


This past weekend I went to Brian’s families house and we had a crawfish boil (My 2nd one ever!). I was supposed to run a mud run, however that was rescheduled to another race day. So instead, Brian and I headed out early and went to his families house.

On our way there, we never take a certain bridge that I hate, so instead we took a back way. Whenever we went the back way, we saw that a parade was about to happen and low and behold who was it for….None other than JOSH LEDET! He is originally from a town nearby me, but he went onto American Idol and is currently in the Top 3.

While I am not a fan of his voice, it was neat to say that I saw the official American Idol limo and somebody was on the show. I did like that a lot!







Look at all the beads I got! This was my first somewhat “Mardi Gras” Parade. Brian and I are not big Mardi Gras fans.

JOSH LEDET!!!!! It was very neat to see an official American Idol so close. There was people all over this street trying to see him.





After the parade, we went to his families and got to hang out with them. We picked up the crawfish and brought them back to his grandpas. How many of you out there have tried crawfish before? You have to wash them off and pour salt on them. The salt helps to clean them and if you look at the water you will see that they need a lot of cleaning. There is a reson that they call them “Mud Bugs”.







Yummy Crawfish! I hate popping and breaking the nasty little things, but I will eat them if somebody else cracks them for me. All the sucking head part just makes me disgusted at the idea.







Yucky little things! But the meat is really tasty!

We had a blast hanging out with the family and I loved being able to try the crawfish for the 2nd time and without some crazy mixture of ketchup, mustard and something else weird on top.

This is a very short video, but you can check out Josh Ledet as he was coming down the street in the parade.


1st Annual DPS 5K Recap


A couple of weeks ago I ran my first 5K of the season. I have not been training for a 5K, so I was not to concerned as to how well I did in this race. My goal was to finish the race before my ROCKMYRUN music turned off, so basically 30 minutes. My husband and I were supposed to run this race together, but he ended up having to work.

As I got to the race, it was not very well organized, just based on where we were supposed to park, signs or markers. They had medals for the kids that ran and they had medals for the 1st-3rd place winners for each age division as well as door prizes galore. That was a nice thing, but the overall organization of the race could have been better. If you had never ran in this park before, you would not have known where to go.

At the ONE water stop, they did not hand out cups of water like most runners are used to, they handed out bottles. Well, you and I probably know that it is extremely hard to run with a small bottle of water in your hand. So I drank what I wanted and then dumped the rest of it on my head.

This race was a very small race. There was probably only 20-30 people running it. While I have ran smaller races, it was still a small one. I met up with a friend of mine that is an ultra marathon runner and this was also his first 5k race of the season.

He ended up placing 2nd in his age division and I was just happy to finish the race.

After I finished the race, I am happy to report I did not come in dead last, but I was also racing against DPS officers/troopers, we had door prizes. I usually never win any of these things. They had different gift cards for restraints and shopping stores such as Academy. Their big prize was a 19+ cooler that had an extension handle and wheels on it. It was over $90 (so they said).


Take a wild guess who won this prize?????






ME!!! I WON IT!! This cooler filled up the whole back end of my car! It was HUGE!






I figured we could use it as our coffee table, but Brian did not like that idea, so now I am not sure what we are going to use it for! I really like it and I know it will come in handy one day.

Overall, the race was a good run, but it could have been much more organized then it was. However, they did do a good job and you learn from your mistakes and the critiques that people give you that have been running for a while.

Thank you to the Department of Publish Safety for putting this race on! I am sure it is only going to get even better as the years go by.

Question: What have you won for a race before? 

***** I was supposed to have a Mud run recap for you today, however that was cancelled due to inclement weather and will be rescheduled for another date! I am not sure when, but hopefully soon! I am dying to run it now!*****

*****Small giveaway coming soon!******



I am now officially a certified WSI (Water Safety Instructor) Instructor! I have been in class the past 2 weeks everyday from 5 pm to 9 pm. It was a very hard 2 week time period! I was up at school at 6 a.m. until 4 pm and then driving almost 30 minutes to class downtown and then staying there and either swimming or in class till 9 pm. I had to do this Monday through Friday for the past 2 weeks. 

Yesterday I took my written test and made a 96 on it! I am so nervous about this test because I am a horrible test taker! The day before that on Wednesday I had to do my swimming test which I was worried about my breaststroke! That is my weakest stroke, so I was very nervous to do that one in front of the instructors, but I PREVAILED and showed them what I was made of! 

We went from having 5 people in the class to only having 3 people in the class. 2 people got kicked out of the class  because they were not able to make up the water time! I had to teach 4 different lessons to students and pass that part. 

As for my workouts/running the past two weeks it has consisted of none and none! I have been swimming more in the past two weeks then I have in the past 2 years. I swam for 4 hours the other day practicing on my strokes during class in a 25 yard pool. Back and Forth, Back and Forth, Back and Forth! If that tells you anything about how far I swam. We probably went up and down the pool at least 20 times. AT LEAST! 

I am grateful that I am certified now, but it was hard! I already have almost 19 kids signed up to take classes from me, so next week I will be getting everything together to start setting up my classes. 

School Note: School is almost over. We have, let’s count them…..13 days left starting this monday! Not even two weeks left! While I love my kids, I am ready for summer and ready to send my kids on to 3rd grade. I am ready for a new bunch, although I amy not be saying that next year! I love my kids and they will always hold a special place in my heart! 

Question: Do you have any running/working out plans this weekend? Any good races happening out there? 

I have my mud run that I will be dressing up 80’s workout style for! I am running with some of my fellow teachers, so I am so excited about that! There will be plenty of pictures to share I am sure of it! 

Water Safety Instruction (WSI) = No Sleep


Where have I been this past week???? I signed up for a class a couple of weeks ago called WSI which stands for Water Safety Instruction. This class is designed to help me being able to teach infants all the the way to adults how to swim and water safety.

I had to present my first lesson plan yesterday to the class. I actually had to teach it, which coming from me as a teacher, I was not worried about the teaching part. I was worried about what I was teaching because we have not learned that skill yet. Oh well…let’s jump on in. :0)

My lesson went very well and I had some corrective feedback, but nothing that I did not know already. I was nervous about what I was doing. Not to mention, did I say that I went FIRST to teach my lesson! Yes, that is right. I was the first person to go.That was heart wrenching as it is.

This class is in the evenings for me and I go there for 4 hours after I teach all day for 8 hours, so needless to say, this week I have not had that much sleep. But it will all be worth it next week whenever I have my certification!

So that is where I have been, and why it is so slow here. I want to post more, but by the time I sit down to do it, I am half asleep! Hopefully, this summer I will have more time (YEAH RIGHT!).

QOTD: Do you have your WSI Certification or Lifeguarding? Do you still use it?