Water Safety Instruction (WSI) = No Sleep


Where have I been this past week???? I signed up for a class a couple of weeks ago called WSI which stands for Water Safety Instruction. This class is designed to help me being able to teach infants all the the way to adults how to swim and water safety.

I had to present my first lesson plan yesterday to the class. I actually had to teach it, which coming from me as a teacher, I was not worried about the teaching part. I was worried about what I was teaching because we have not learned that skill yet. Oh well…let’s jump on in. :0)

My lesson went very well and I had some corrective feedback, but nothing that I did not know already. I was nervous about what I was doing. Not to mention, did I say that I went FIRST to teach my lesson! Yes, that is right. I was the first person to go.That was heart wrenching as it is.

This class is in the evenings for me and I go there for 4 hours after I teach all day for 8 hours, so needless to say, this week I have not had that much sleep. But it will all be worth it next week whenever I have my certification!

So that is where I have been, and why it is so slow here. I want to post more, but by the time I sit down to do it, I am half asleep! Hopefully, this summer I will have more time (YEAH RIGHT!).

QOTD: Do you have your WSI Certification or Lifeguarding? Do you still use it?

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