Mud Run Rescheduled for….?


My mud run that I was supposed to have 2 weekends ago is finally HERE! I am so excited about this run. We are supposed to run at 1:00, but instead we bumped it down to 11. Since it is memorial weekend there will not be that many people there so a lot of the waves are pushed around a bit! Have I mentioned that I have not ran in a few weeks. It should be an interesting run. I know my excuse is that I do not have much time, but I really have not had hardly anytime at all.  I will have tons of pictures coming up this weekend, but my weekend is booked solid! My list is beyond long! 

-2nd Grade Class Video                          -Newsletter

-Write out Awards for students                -Swimming Lessons Schedule

-Mud Run                                              – Class Book

-Final Grades

That is only a few of the things that I can think off, but most of those things takes up a ton of time. We only have 4 days left of school and I am excited, the kids are excited, so it is a great feeling to be so close to being done with my first year of teaching. 

I will be carrying my new waterproof,shockproof, dust/dirt/mud proof camera with me tomorrow to try it out. Hopefully I will get some good shots out of that! 

Question: What is everyone else’s Memorial Day plans? Lake, beach, hanging out with family?

Coming up: I will be having a review and small giveaway in the next week after I finish school. 


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  1. Hello from sunny England. My wife’s a teacher. She constantly feels like she’s running through mud. She’s tired often and it’s messy at times, but… She can have a bath and celebrate the little victories of the day 🙂
    Keep moving

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