Winnie Wars Part Duh!


A couple of weekends ago I ran the WW3.5 Mud Run Part 2! I ran with a friend of mine that has ran the past 2 with me and we dress up every time. The first time we dressed up like Power Rangers and then this time we dressed up like 80’s workout girls! I love dressing up for all these different runs because to me it is not about time, or how fast you go or how good you do the obstacle….it is about having FUN!

This has been my 3rd time to run the race with this particular company and this time it was even better because I ran it for free. I won a contest a while back for the best MUD face. I carried my water/shock/dirt proof camera with me this time, so hopefully I will be able to show you some video in another post soon.







Lori and I before the race started.

















After the first obstacle this is what my feet already looked like! I was excited already. these next few pictures are ones of the different obstacles. We climbed over tires, rope swings, through tunnels, swam through water and even ran from something big!!! YIKES!!











Up the tire bomb we went…..

Through the bus where I almost busted my rear end! Last time I ran this race we ran through the bus, but the ropes were not there on the ground like you see, so this time when I went through I saw the ropes, but didn’t see the ropes…Make Sense? Luckily I grabbed onto the seat when I started to fall.







Into the downed airplane of unknown and HOPEFULLY out to the other side.

I then got caught in a spider web of ropes and accidentally kicked the person behind me! As you can tell we were not quite muddy yet….but that will change soon!




Then we climbed up this evil obstacle where I feel like I am kind of turning upside down, but I love it!




I will leave you with this picture. This is by far the fastest that I ran during the whole race…but what exactly was I running from???? Take a guess!!



Hint: It is big, fast and travels in a herd! 

This is only Part 1 of this race! There is still more to come. I will finish this recap soon and then start on my other mud run recap…Merrell Down and Dirty Mud Run in Dallas, Tx. And also a review/giveaway coming soon. 

Question: How is your summer going so far?

Mine is busy busy busy! Swimming lessons already starting with more to come!


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