Swimming Lessons


Since I got WSI (Water Safety Instructor) certified I have done nothing but teach swimming lessons. I have taught 7 students in 3 weeks and I have more students to come. I have loved teaching these students how to swim. No child should be scared of water, so I am helping in a way to show children that water is okay and if you do not get scared then you can do anything, including swimming.

This was my first swim student and he was such a cutie! By the end of the week he was putting his face in the water, using his arms and legs and even jumping off the side of the wall to his mom and I!

If you are a parent and have young children here are some pointers that can help you when helping your child enter the water.

1. Exposure, exposure, exposure!!! As soon as you can take your children in the water do it! Some parents who wait a while to put their children in the water, have the possibility of their children being afraid of the water. (This does not apply to all cases though.)

2. Start working with your child on blowing bubbles and not being afraid to put their face in the water. 

3. Do not throw your child in the pool or splash water in their face. Always put your child in the water where the water will roll down over their nose, not up their nose.

4. Never tell your child to jump in the water and not be there to catch them! This is a huge deal. Your child trust you and if you tell them that you will be there to catch them and are not there imagine what that can do.

5. Have Fun!! Do not force your child to do something that they are scarred or nervous to do. Most likely that will end up hurting more than helping them. Have fun with your child and help them learn to love the water.

There are lots of different WSI instructors out there. Find the one that works with your child the best. They have classes starting from Parent/Child Aquatics where you are in the water with your child all the way up to Learn to Swim Level 6 where your child is learning the techniques and mastering them to possibly be on a competitive swim team.

Find a pool in your area and get out there and swim! It is a fun and great workout. Swimming works more muscles in your body than you can imagine.

Question: Have you gotten out there and swam on your own, with your family or your kids this summer?

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  1. Quite awesome that you are a swim instructor and get to work with such cuties! My son is going to swim lessons right now and is loving it. I love to see his confidence bloom. I cannot wait to start taking the daughter.

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