Eating Clean!! What??


This is a video I made from the footage that I took at the race with my waterproof camera. Check it out and see what all you are missing from not doing a mud run in your future! It is a blast and I love doing these runs. I have another 2 runs scheduled as of right now for the fall. I am doing the Winnie Wars again (Home Town Pride) and I am doing the Color Run in New Orleans!


Last week I decided to make a lifestyle change in my eating. I started eating clean. While this is a very hard task for me, surprisingly enough the hardest part was preparing all my meals on Sunday before the week. However, that saved me so much time. You may be wondering what exactly is eating clean? Eating clean is not changing your diet completely right away. Start with 1-2 weeks and you start taking away things such as coke, chocolate, fast foods, etc. You prepare all of your meals ahead of time and you use ingredients such as ground turkey instead of ground meat, more fruits and vegetables. When you go into a grocery store with an eating clean diet you are supposed to stay on the outside circle of the store. This basically means that you do not go into the center isle (except for select things) where all the processed foods are. The fruits, vetables, frozen fruits, milks are all on the outside circle! I also switched from 2% milk to almond milk. This was not an easy task, but one that I am going to try to stick by by putting it in things first, such as smoothies, cereal, food, etc.

You will find out what this picture is from in one of my upcoming post! 

My husband is all for me making this change in my life. He has been eating healthy for a while now. When I told him about me starting this and wanting to stick with it, he even said, “Finally you are catching up with me!” Little smarty pants husband I have there!   While I am not huge (as you can see above) and  I am not looking at being a bikini model (too short for one :0) ), I am looking at toning down on the fat in some areas. I stuck to this last week and I plan to continue sticking to it.

I am currently drinking a smoothie with protein powder, strawberries, bananas, mango flax seed, almond milk and water in it! How much more clean can you get? PLENTY! Stay with me as I travel this journey to see what happens!

I have two reviews/giveaways coming up soon, so watch for those!

Question: How many of you are eating clean? If you are, do you have any good recipes? 

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