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What’s happening with our Home??


A lot has been happening around here! I have been so MIA! I had training for a week and then I was gone for a weekend getaway with my husband and then I have been here and there since then. It has been very crazy. Last time I talked about our home I showed you a sneak peak of the lighting that we chose. I will start there and go just a little bit, because so much as happened since then.

This the fan that we chose that will go into the living room as well as each bedroom. We just chose a different kind of lights that will be on it!

These are the bathroom lights. We are going to have double mirrors in the master bathroom with these lights. These lights will also be in the guest bathroom. The two different options that we had for the bronze were not even close to the same color so we upgraded both bathrooms to these lights.

If you turn this light upside down this is our outside garage lights. I loved the cracked glass look that they had!

This is my favorite light out of all the lights that we chose. I was going to do just 3 drop down lights, but when I saw this I fell in love. This is going to go above our island.

Our house is so much farther along than this now, but here is the process. At this time we did not have shingles or brick. The house was being wrapped at this time. It is coming along so fast and so nicely. We even got a surprise last week that we were not expecting in our house!

Question: Have you ever built a home? How did it go? What was your favorite part about the Olympics?