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Where have I been??


Things have been crazy and I have totally been missing in action!! If I had to list everything that I have been doing, we would be here for probably a year! Last time I wrote on here I was just about to move into our house. Well guess what…

DSC_0105We signed the final paper work and we got moved into our house. We have been here for about 1 1/2 months so far and we love it! I can not imagine designing it any differently right now.

Let’s see, what is next. The next big thing that I did was that I ran the Warrior Dash and survived jumping over fire!

634885118489373521This was one of the professional pictures! Apparently, I was not even close to the fire, which is one thing that I am grateful for.

I also started school and have been crazy busy with 28 students this year. I have 14 in my class and my partner teacher has 14 in her class and we team teach, so we are pretty swamped this year!

This past month I joined CROSSFIT!! I did a lot of research about it before I joined, but I realized that I absolutely love it! Our box does not have a ton of people that are there, and I like that, but I also found that I needed that extra boost of confidence.

Even though I love running and I will still go out and run occasionally, I really just got sick of it. I got sick of training by myself and having to pay the unearthly amount of money to run the half marathons. That is one of the reasons I switched over to mud/adventure runs. I will still train for and go run one of those in a heartbeat, but over the past 4 weeks I have grown to love crossfit. You are challenging yourself against your own time and weight! The people there are encouraging and work with you to push you to limits you did not think you could go too!

It is not all extreme like most people think. You scale down or up as much as you need too. I was pretty pumped the other day when I did a back squat and was able to squat 25 pounds more than my body weight. I have not lifted like that since high school, so that made me super excited. Mind you, I am not a huge person by any means, but I am not skin and bones either! God blessed me with a large back side and huge cheerleader/tumbling thighs!

Below is an example of a workout I did the other day. I felt amazing after I did this one!

AMRAP in 30 minutes:
5 Squat Cleans
400m Run
10 Deadlift
5 Jerks
rest 2 minutes between rounds 

I was able to do 5 rounds of this, which I was pretty proud of!

I am hopefully going to be slowing down some, but who is to know! I will definitely be posting a review in the next week about some FITFOUR gloves I was sent to review during my Crossfit classes!

I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving holiday and is gearing up for the Christmas holidays! I know I am done with Christmas gifts, except 4 people!

Question: What are your thoughts on Crossfit? Hate it/love it/unsure about it?