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Raider Challenge


I am a TOTALLY HORRIBLE blogger right now. With school finishing up I finally have a little bit of time to sit and breathe. Not to much time though as I have already started teaching swimming again! I started my lessons on Monday and I am busy with that until Mid July! Last Month I competed in the Raider Challenge which was my first Crossfit competition. I competed in the scaled competition which was tough! I knew that I could do the prescribed RX division, but I didn’t want to hurt myself.



This was after the first workout and boy was it tough! We got to rest for quite a bit before we did our next WOD.

After I signed up for the competition I started getting sick….really sick. It was not fun. Sinus infection, sore throat, headache. I couldn’t work out for almost a week and I felt just horrible. I came back the week before the competition to try to doing some WODS, but it was hard. I had a lot of trouble breathing since I was so congested! I opted for the natural healing and vitamins vs. putting a prescription steroid into my body. It took a little bit longer to work, but eventually it kept the sickness away longer!



The girls and I that competed at the competition! They are awesome!

I went to the competition that morning feeling okay, but just light headed. I ended up finishing the competition in 10th place out of 15. I know I could have done better, but I also know that I was sick and I did the best that my body would let me do.




Mid WOD. Feeling like crap, but still pushing through no matter what!

DSC_1360Our last part of the workout was to run a 400 meter run. We were supposed to do bleachers, but since it had rained earlier they opted for us to not run up and down metal bleachers, but to do a 400 instead.

Deadlifts is what the picture below is and then below that is push press I believe.


DSC_1322Overall the competition was fun, but when I was done I was ready to go home. I had a birthday party and then I slept hard the rest of the evening! It just goes to prove how far we can truly push our bodies! Even though I was sick, I had signed up so I was still going to compete no matter what.

Question: When have you pushed yourself farther then you knew you could?