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“SNICE” Day!!


What is “SNICE” you may ask? That is what we had in SE Texas today! It is a nice mixture of snow and ice! I got to stay home from school because of icy road conditions! Do not get me wrong, I do wish I could have gone to school. Yes, I know I am crazy! I was planning on doing my lesson plans and getting some things taken care of, but it was nice to get to relax and not be on the roads. There were so many accidents today and I am grateful that my husband did not have to work this morning out in it. Almost all the bridges in the area were shut down due to the ice. 


Some northerners will read this and think that we are CRAZY here, but here’s the thing…We are not used to conditions like this! Give us 110 degree weather and we will know exactly what to do! But this ice, snow, freezing rain, iced over bridges and stuff is cray cray! 


At first our school was supposed to start at 10 am, but that quickly changed due to the road conditions. My body woke up at 5 am like normal, even though my alarm was set for 7:30!


I got up, let the dogs out and explored around my house to see what the damage was!


Frozen water on the driveway and coming out of the gutters.

Soon after that, I heard of the school closure and I was thankful because I was very nervous about driving to school with the ice. I was worried about my kids and their parents having to drive them as well! Brian had told me what it was like when he came in from work. I also learned that the highway in front of our school was closed due to ice.


Since I was off though, I decided to enjoy the day and the snow! The only thing was that I could not turn my brain off. It was still in school mode, so I had to keep myself busy until it was the end of the day. 


This was the only real collection of snow that I saw around here.

I ended up cleaning the entire kitchen and started washing some clothes! Then a nice nap and a few other things were taken care of! All in all, my “SNICE” Day was very nice and relaxing! It made for a 3 day week for the students as well, which I am sure they enjoyed.

The last time I had a snow day was in 2009 right after Brian and I were married in our first “house”! Check out below what we got to experience…

ImageImageImageThis day was fun and exciting because I had never seen snow before. It is an experience I will never forget! But for now, I thoroughly enjoyed my “SNICE” Day and I hope everybody else that had snow, ice or “SNICE” did too! 

Question: What did you get to experience today? Snow, ice, or “SNICE”? 


Run or Dye!! Another Color Run!!!


I just signed up yesterday for the Run or Dye 5K race. This will be my 3rd color run to run with friends and I am really excited to run this race. 


Photo Credit

Run or Dye sent out an e-mail a few months ago about coming to a city very close to me where you could preregister and of course I jumped on this! I got a group of my workout friends together and said let’s do it. The last time I suggested a race, it was the Savage Race in Texas and it was 22 degrees the day we ran. (More on that later) My friends are a little bit hesitant to run a race that I suggest now. This race is in May and we are also going to register for a somewhat local mud run  for April! I am so excited to do another mud run because that is what I truly enjoy! 


This is before the Save Race!

The muddier the better! I have ran 7 mud runs to date and I am not finished yet! When I ran my last half marathon I knew that I wanted something else to do! I love running half marathons, but there is something about going through a muddy obstacle and completing it and then crossing that finish line whether over fire, through electric shock or through water that just sends a thrill through my body. 

Side Note: Is anybody else out there sore in the rear end? My coach had me do 5 sets of 50 lunges and I know I will be sore today! 

Back to Run or Dye. Running these kinds of races I love as well!  I am really excited about running another color run this year!!!! 

Question: Who else is doing a color run of some kind this year? 


What happened to the Old Fashioned Way?


This week was my first week back to teaching since before the Christmas break and I can actually say that I made it and without any craziness happening. This is my 3rd year teaching at the same school and I am so blessed to be where I am. I will not lie, it has been hard starting from the beginning, but in the long run it is worth it. I would much rather be in Disney right now running the Disney Marathon weekend and enjoying that, but I also know that it is harder to make sub plans then it is just to be here. Any teachers out there agree? :0)

I have seen many people come and go through our school and have kept those friendships up and going. I just finished listening to a speaker talk about friendship and how now days it is hard to keep those lasting friendships. Things get in the way (internet, jobs, moving, etc.) Now days we depend more on Facebook, twitter or the internet in general to make our friends and stay in touch. But what happened to calling somebody on the phone and setting up a day to go shopping, for a run or meet for coffee?

Hear me out…I am not saying that you can not meet some amazing people on Facebook, blogs, twitter, etc., but sometimes I think back to when we could just walk down the street to our best friends house without worrying about anybody attacking/mugging us and go play. Maybe I grew up in the wrong era, I don’t know! :0)

The speaker that I was listening to was Laurie Woodward from the program LIFE. It was called “Nail your colors to the Mast”. LIFE is a program that focuses on: “Family, Finances, Fitness, Faith, Following, Freedom, Friendship and Fun.”

“LIFE’S what you make it. Make a difference with yours…And start living the life you’ve always wanted!”

I loved listening to this cd because it really put a lot of things into perspective about how we/I am today! Laurie talked about a best friend that she has had for almost 40 years. I can not say that I have a best friend since I was little, but I have friends that I occasionally keep in contact with. It makes a difference in your friendships how you treat them and how you stay in contact!

Question: Do you have a friend that you have kept for many years? If so, how long?

A look Into My World


It is a new year and many people around me are making New Year’s Resolutions. I know, I know, I am a few days late, but better late than never! I am typically not one to make New Years Resolutions, but I do like to set goals for myself. I thought this year I might try something a bit different. Instead of making month to month goals or a full year goal, I would just try to do one week at a time. 

If I can challenge myself to complete one goal a week or maybe two, then I can possibly add more as the year goes on! Last year nothing too exciting was happening for my husband and I! We were getting settled in our new town, house and searching for a new church that we felt comfortable in.

We are lucky enough to both be blessed with awesome jobs and work with some pretty fabulous people! Such as these lovely ladies below! 



We also have a new home that we are blessed enough to have the finances to pay for and live comfortably! However, there are still things that we would like to do to the home! 

Overall though our year was fantastic, just nothing to exciting happened. Here are a few pictures from the year to recap…


We went to Tennessee for a vacation and had a fabulous time! 



We were able to attend a gala with my brother and sister-in-law. 



One of my best friends had her baby this year! 



We also lost someone near and dear to our hearts! Brian’s grandpa passed away this year! He was the most amazing person and the best grandpa anybody could ever want! We will always miss and love you pawpaw! 




I shot two alligators with a young man from Swamp People! It was such an adrenaline rush! 



And last but not least, I ran one of the COLDEST races of my life and had a BLAST! 

Short Term Goals:

 I have 4 of them and I am going to try to stick to them, so hold me accountable please! 

1. Make it through my first week back to school with the kids! 

2. Start eating clean and stick with it this week! The beginning is always the hardest, but I want to do this for myself! 

3. Workout 5 days a week. 

I am not one of those New Years Resolution people that never workout, I promise! I have been training 5 days a week for quite a while. If you know any teachers or anybody that works and has to carry their work home, you know how hard this can be to work out in the evening as well as teach, but I have to make myself do it! 

4. Blog at least 2 times a week for now! (I know I need to blog more, but that is quite hard when all I want to do is sleep after I teach all day, workout and then come home!)


Long Term Goals: 

I just have three as of right now! These are for the whole year and will get done this year! 

1. Build a fence for our house! 

2. Finish putting down grass in our backyard. 

3. Run the Reality Challenge mud run with my friends. 

These to me seem like achievable goals, and I want to try to stick to them! I like the word goals better than resolutions if you can not tell! It is something that I can strive for verses conforming to the world around me! I do not want to be one of those people that just have the resolutions and then do not stick with them after a few weeks. 


Did you come up with any GOALS for this year that you are striving to reach?