What happened to the Old Fashioned Way?


This week was my first week back to teaching since before the Christmas break and I can actually say that I made it and without any craziness happening. This is my 3rd year teaching at the same school and I am so blessed to be where I am. I will not lie, it has been hard starting from the beginning, but in the long run it is worth it. I would much rather be in Disney right now running the Disney Marathon weekend and enjoying that, but I also know that it is harder to make sub plans then it is just to be here. Any teachers out there agree? :0)

I have seen many people come and go through our school and have kept those friendships up and going. I just finished listening to a speaker talk about friendship and how now days it is hard to keep those lasting friendships. Things get in the way (internet, jobs, moving, etc.) Now days we depend more on Facebook, twitter or the internet in general to make our friends and stay in touch. But what happened to calling somebody on the phone and setting up a day to go shopping, for a run or meet for coffee?

Hear me out…I am not saying that you can not meet some amazing people on Facebook, blogs, twitter, etc., but sometimes I think back to when we could just walk down the street to our best friends house without worrying about anybody attacking/mugging us and go play. Maybe I grew up in the wrong era, I don’t know! :0)

The speaker that I was listening to was Laurie Woodward from the program LIFE. It was called “Nail your colors to the Mast”. LIFE is a program that focuses on: “Family, Finances, Fitness, Faith, Following, Freedom, Friendship and Fun.”

“LIFE’S what you make it. Make a difference with yours…And start living the life you’ve always wanted!”

I loved listening to this cd because it really put a lot of things into perspective about how we/I am today! Laurie talked about a best friend that she has had for almost 40 years. I can not say that I have a best friend since I was little, but I have friends that I occasionally keep in contact with. It makes a difference in your friendships how you treat them and how you stay in contact!

Question: Do you have a friend that you have kept for many years? If so, how long?

About thelittlerunningteacher

Hi! My name is Kayla and I am a 4th Grade teacher. I have ran quite a few half marathons, mud/adventure runs and many other 5K's and 10K's. I love working out and staying active. I love crossfit and swimming and keeping myself in shape. My family and God are what keep me going each day! Journey with me through my crazy life as a teacher and staying active. I am always up for trying new things!

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