Run or Dye!! Another Color Run!!!


I just signed up yesterday for the Run or Dye 5K race. This will be my 3rd color run to run with friends and I am really excited to run this race. 


Photo Credit

Run or Dye sent out an e-mail a few months ago about coming to a city very close to me where you could preregister and of course I jumped on this! I got a group of my workout friends together and said let’s do it. The last time I suggested a race, it was the Savage Race in Texas and it was 22 degrees the day we ran. (More on that later) My friends are a little bit hesitant to run a race that I suggest now. This race is in May and we are also going to register for a somewhat local mud run  for April! I am so excited to do another mud run because that is what I truly enjoy! 


This is before the Save Race!

The muddier the better! I have ran 7 mud runs to date and I am not finished yet! When I ran my last half marathon I knew that I wanted something else to do! I love running half marathons, but there is something about going through a muddy obstacle and completing it and then crossing that finish line whether over fire, through electric shock or through water that just sends a thrill through my body. 

Side Note: Is anybody else out there sore in the rear end? My coach had me do 5 sets of 50 lunges and I know I will be sore today! 

Back to Run or Dye. Running these kinds of races I love as well!  I am really excited about running another color run this year!!!! 

Question: Who else is doing a color run of some kind this year? 


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