“SNICE” Day!!


What is “SNICE” you may ask? That is what we had in SE Texas today! It is a nice mixture of snow and ice! I got to stay home from school because of icy road conditions! Do not get me wrong, I do wish I could have gone to school. Yes, I know I am crazy! I was planning on doing my lesson plans and getting some things taken care of, but it was nice to get to relax and not be on the roads. There were so many accidents today and I am grateful that my husband did not have to work this morning out in it. Almost all the bridges in the area were shut down due to the ice. 


Some northerners will read this and think that we are CRAZY here, but here’s the thing…We are not used to conditions like this! Give us 110 degree weather and we will know exactly what to do! But this ice, snow, freezing rain, iced over bridges and stuff is cray cray! 


At first our school was supposed to start at 10 am, but that quickly changed due to the road conditions. My body woke up at 5 am like normal, even though my alarm was set for 7:30!


I got up, let the dogs out and explored around my house to see what the damage was!


Frozen water on the driveway and coming out of the gutters.

Soon after that, I heard of the school closure and I was thankful because I was very nervous about driving to school with the ice. I was worried about my kids and their parents having to drive them as well! Brian had told me what it was like when he came in from work. I also learned that the highway in front of our school was closed due to ice.


Since I was off though, I decided to enjoy the day and the snow! The only thing was that I could not turn my brain off. It was still in school mode, so I had to keep myself busy until it was the end of the day. 


This was the only real collection of snow that I saw around here.

I ended up cleaning the entire kitchen and started washing some clothes! Then a nice nap and a few other things were taken care of! All in all, my “SNICE” Day was very nice and relaxing! It made for a 3 day week for the students as well, which I am sure they enjoyed.

The last time I had a snow day was in 2009 right after Brian and I were married in our first “house”! Check out below what we got to experience…

ImageImageImageThis day was fun and exciting because I had never seen snow before. It is an experience I will never forget! But for now, I thoroughly enjoyed my “SNICE” Day and I hope everybody else that had snow, ice or “SNICE” did too! 

Question: What did you get to experience today? Snow, ice, or “SNICE”? 


About thelittlerunningteacher

Hi! My name is Kayla and I am a 4th Grade teacher. I have ran quite a few half marathons, mud/adventure runs and many other 5K's and 10K's. I love working out and staying active. I love crossfit and swimming and keeping myself in shape. My family and God are what keep me going each day! Journey with me through my crazy life as a teacher and staying active. I am always up for trying new things!

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  1. Crazy weather everywhere! We are desperate for some precipitation in Southern California. We have been too dry for too long. I think some other state would be more than happy to share the wealth. Glad you stayed safe!

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