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Valentines Day Outing


I know this is a little bit late, but I still wanted to share my pictures from this day!

Brian and I planned to go out to eat at Carrabbas the day before Valentines Day and I was so excited about this! This was going to be my second cheat meal after making it through another week of eating clean! We are not big on going out the day of because we do not want to fight through the crowdsI knew for a fact that I was not going to be getting pizza, so I opted for something a little bit less doughy! :0)

Before we get to dinner though, I was surprised at school with a delivery….



From Edible Arrangements! I did not eat any of it though, I promise! I waited until after my meal and then pigged out on it! Isn’t it so cute though!! I LOVE IT!!

I ended up surprising him with chocolate covered strawberries and some dark chocolate covered popcorn! He loved it as well!


Once I was home from school, I changed, freshened up a bit and then headed out to eat! I was so excited about this, because I had not eaten since 12:30. I had to skip my 5th and 6th meal, so I was STARVING by this point and so ready to eat!



Needless to say we had an awesome evening eating out and enjoying our meal! We sat in a chilly spot close to the door, and we will probably NEVER do that again! It was nice, just cold! Whenever we got home, we pigged out on our chocolate covered strawberries, fruit and other chocolates until my time was up and I had to eat my next meal!

Update on my Meal Plan: I am loving the way that I feel eating this way! I feel like I have a ton of energy each day with doing my cardio early and weights later! My body is starting to transform slowly and I LOVE IT! I am able to take pants that I just bought not less than a year ago and pull them away from my waist and that is incredible to me! I am not going to lie, it is very HARD to stick to this plan, especially when you have cookies, cakes and brownies flying your way at school, but I am sticking with it!

My husband made some Double Chocolate Chip brownies this week at home that I was saving until this Saturday! I took all of those but 3 (for him) and brought them up to the school and told the teachers they had better be gone whenever I come back down on my conference period! :0) And guess what…THEY WERE!! YAY!!! I didn’t bring any home!

I have lost close to 6 inches overall and have dropped my weight from 129.9 to 123.6! I am super excited, because it has been quite a while since I have weighed less than 130. I am excited to see what my body is going to do and how eating clean and working out/cardio will improve it!

I hope everybody has had as FABULOUS of a February as I have! More changes to come!!!

Question: What did you do for Valentines? Go out to eat, stay in? 


Sunshine Burgers Review


I recently given the opportunity to review Organic Sunshine Burgers. Let me first say that they are DELICIOUS!!!! They offer many different flavors for the burgers such as:

Garden Herb

Quarter Pound Original

Shiitake Mushroom 



Sunshine Burger Website

“Sunshine Burgers are crafted with flavorful and nutritious, organic whole food ingredients, and nothing more.” – Sunshine Burger Website These hamburgers are Organic, Non- GMO, Vegan and just all around really good and good for you! I was able to eat one of these for my cheat meals and did not feel guilty at all for eating it because of how great it tasted!

I tried the Mushroom burger with  a salad and it was delicious!! I also was able to try the Garden Herb one with a hamburger and that was very yummy as well!


My friend tried the BlackBean SouthWest on a piece of Ezekiel bread and loved it! She has now gone to the store to pick up a package of the Sunshine Burgers. This hamburger was very easy to eat and prepare. You can

I was very happy to find that I could go right down the road about 10 minutes away and discover Sunshine Burgers at our local H-E-B! I had never noticed them there before, but I will be making sure that I look to see if they are there now. If you are not sure where you could located some of these hamburgers check out the tab on “Sunshine Burgers” says “Find a Store“.

I was able to go to the recipes on the Sunshine Burger website to located some yummy ways to cook them! 

If you are craving a hamburger, but still want something healthy, check out Sunshine Burgers in your local HEB and try them out! I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Check out their awesome Social Media Sights for more information as well!

 Twitter @SunshineBurger

Question: If you have tried these before, “What did you think?” 

Disclaimer: I received Sunshine Burger products free of charge to review with my own, unbiased opinion. I received the opportunity through the Fit Approach, Sweat Pink Ambassador community. 

1 Week Down…Cheat Meal Time!!


I made it 1 week with my healthy/clean eating without any cheats AT ALL!!! It was incredible hard and I am not sure how I did it, but I DID!! The eggs and cottage cheese were quite a bit to choke down, but I made it through and surprisingly this week it is much easier to eat these items. My plan is for a month at a time and I try enjoy everything that I am eating now.

I can not give out details about what I am eating because of confidentiality, but all I can tell you is that it is working! I went from 129.9 pounds to 125.7 pounds in just 7 days and that is with my cheat meal thrown into the mix.

I am currently eating my 6th meal out of 7 and am about to work out. I love the schedule that I am on with my food because it falls at the perfect times during school. I eat my breakfast at home, Meal 2 before I pick up the students, Meal 3 at snack time, Meal 4 at lunch, Meal 5 during my conference, Meal 6 at home after work and then Meal 7 after I work out!

I have decided each week to reward myself with something that I want (not expensive). This past week I bought some pillow for the couch that I liked. I also got to eat my CHEAT MEAL!!! Wooohoooooo

Want to know what I ate….


Pizza, garlic bread, a salad and some spirals!!!! YUMMY IN MY TUMMY!!! For the 45 minutes that I ate, I enjoyed every single bite!

Up until about 20 minutes later when I had to use the restroom and regretted every single bite! Let’s just say that whenever you eat healthy for quite some time you are quite nauseated, gassy and bloated! I was so upset to because I had gained some of the weight I lost back! I am not one to look at the scale, but I was pretty excited to see that weight drop!

After my weigh in this past Tuesday, I was so excited about my coach’s words! I have dropped from 129.9 to 125.7  in just one week and I can see the definition in my stomach! It is not much, but I am excited. Here are my progress pictures! Please do not judge. I am not one to post these kind of pictures all over the internet, but I was just so dang excited about the progress I have made in just one week!


February 2014


November 2014

I could not figure out how to get them side by side, but I am so excited about the difference I can see! I just had my cheat meal for this week on Valentines since Brian and I celebrated a little bit early! We both are not big fans about going out on Valentines Day because of how many people are out! We went to eat at Carraba’s and had a great meal, although now I feel quite bloated AGAIN! Oh well, that is a small price you pay and have to work off the next day I guess!

I hope everybody out there enjoys their Valentines Day as much as we did!!


New Plan, New Year, New Me!


I may be a month late on this type of post, but better late than never right? 

I just signed up with a friend of mine for a nutrition/fitness plan. I have tried eating clean/healthy/paleo on my own, but it has never really panned out. I can say that each plan works in its own way, but I also know how I am. I need something on paper to follow each day/week! That includes a workout and meal plan. When I get in the gym I do not need somebody to tell me what to do or how to do something, because I can figure it out in there. The eating part is where it gets me every time. 

Don’t get me wrong, I have always been a somewhat healthy person and have ALWAYS been athletic whether it be running, lifting weights or doing some kind of sport. But I have also been able to eat whatever I want and been able to burn it off. As I am getting older, I am nervous about not being able to burn the weight off as easy. 

I have 3 reasons why I wanted to start this plan and start a new year with it! 

1. Keep myself happy, healthy and in shape! 

2. Make a Lifestyle change and shape this booty of mine! 

3. Silly Reason- I was asked to be a bridesmaid and I want to look awesome by September! 

I love being active and I have even topped my friend Mary into working out with me in the last year! She is awesome and always makes the workouts fun! 


My friend Mary and I canoeing!

As for that wedding, I said that I was  asked to be in!Image It is for my beautiful friend CJ!


I want to be in fabulous shape and feel great about myself. I am excited about starting this new plan and this new year being on it! It is gong to be a wild ride and I am sure that I am going to have a tough time eating some of this food, but I know that if I put my mind to it, then I can do it!


Question: Have you changed a eating habit lately?