Sunshine Burgers Review


I recently given the opportunity to review Organic Sunshine Burgers. Let me first say that they are DELICIOUS!!!! They offer many different flavors for the burgers such as:

Garden Herb

Quarter Pound Original

Shiitake Mushroom 



Sunshine Burger Website

“Sunshine Burgers are crafted with flavorful and nutritious, organic whole food ingredients, and nothing more.” – Sunshine Burger Website These hamburgers are Organic, Non- GMO, Vegan and just all around really good and good for you! I was able to eat one of these for my cheat meals and did not feel guilty at all for eating it because of how great it tasted!

I tried the Mushroom burger with  a salad and it was delicious!! I also was able to try the Garden Herb one with a hamburger and that was very yummy as well!


My friend tried the BlackBean SouthWest on a piece of Ezekiel bread and loved it! She has now gone to the store to pick up a package of the Sunshine Burgers. This hamburger was very easy to eat and prepare. You can

I was very happy to find that I could go right down the road about 10 minutes away and discover Sunshine Burgers at our local H-E-B! I had never noticed them there before, but I will be making sure that I look to see if they are there now. If you are not sure where you could located some of these hamburgers check out the tab on “Sunshine Burgers” says “Find a Store“.

I was able to go to the recipes on the Sunshine Burger website to located some yummy ways to cook them! 

If you are craving a hamburger, but still want something healthy, check out Sunshine Burgers in your local HEB and try them out! I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Check out their awesome Social Media Sights for more information as well!

 Twitter @SunshineBurger

Question: If you have tried these before, “What did you think?” 

Disclaimer: I received Sunshine Burger products free of charge to review with my own, unbiased opinion. I received the opportunity through the Fit Approach, Sweat Pink Ambassador community. 


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