Week/Workout Recap


This past week was full of so many different things happening! We got out on Friday for Spring Break, which should be in April if I had a choice. It is still cold and rainy on a lot of the days that we have off this week. ugggg! This past week we also celebrated Dr. Suess’s Birthday! I teach 2nd Grade and I do not usually do much with Dr. Suess because Kindergarten and First Grade cover so much of it, that the kids have done a lot of it already, but I surprised the students this week with a treat on Friday…


I loved that this treat tasted better (or so my kids said) then regular green eggs and ham! I was not interested in making those!

My workouts this week were all new and I have to say that I am in LOVE with my new cardio and workouts. I am switching back and forth quite a bit during my cardio and I love that because it is not the same thing! If you can not tell I am not a typical just get on the treadmill and run girl! I like to change things up quite a bit!

Here are a few pictures from my workouts this past week! I love being able to add an inspirational quote with my workouts….



ImageMy meals were packed this past week and I was ready to roll! I LOVE all my new food too! It is absolutely amazing!

I also got a bit crafty this past weekend and threw this together pretty quickly, but I love how it turned out! I found the idea on Pinterest and just went after it!

ImageThe highlight of my week though was whenever my coach put up a before and after picture of me on his athlete page! Below is the picture and the description that he wrote!

Image“Wanted to brag on a client of mine. She has only been with me for a couple of months. She was hardcore crossfit before she came to me. She ate clean and she lifted all the time. One day she decided she wanted to do something different. She was working hard and wanted to see more changes in her physique. She liked CF so she asked me to keep her workouts fun and exciting. She started seeing results immediately with just the workouts changing and now she is seeing crazy results with the nutrition and macros being where they need to be. She is such a hard worker and an inspiration not to mention a gorgeous woman. So far she has lost 4 pounds and 13 inches 4 from waist and 5 off her hips and 6 off legs to name a few. Keep it up Kayla!!! Proud of you.”

– Erik De La Rosa-

My coach is phenomenal and I could not have done this so far without him or my amazing husband supporting me! I LOVE the way that I am feeling and what I am able to do!

I have a 5K this weekend that I signed up for and I am excited to run it since it is my first 5K of the season! I went on a little practice run yesterday since I had not run outside in a very long time! I think I might have even convinced myself as well as my friend to run a half marathon with me either run the fall or spring….

ImageIt feels amazing here in SE Texas, so if you have not gone out for a run or to work out, get out there and enjoy it! It is beautiful and such a good day to be outside!

Question: A friend told me I should start a fitness page on Facebook? I am not sure what to call it though! What do you think? I need some ideas! 

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