St. Patricks Day 3 Miler Recap



Saturday, I ran my first 5K of the season! It was the St. Patricks Day 3 Miler and I was somewhat prepared for this race. I have been running on the treadmill and some outside (due to the weather) and then I have been lifting weights 5 days a week! I went out last Monday to run 3 miles to make sure it felt okay. Everything felt good except the side of my hip, which wasn’t to bad, just a little sore from doing jumping lunges.

Brian and I left to go spend time with his family on Friday and the race was Saturday morning. Don’t worry, I also packed all my food to bring with me for Friday and Saturday. Friday night I was able to eat my cheat meal. I ate pizza with my sister and brother-in-law and I didn’t feel horrible whenever I ate it! I think it was not too greasy and that helped.

I set out my clothes Friday night and made sure I was ready to go…

ImageFlat Kayla is ready to go!!

I made the shirt myself out of an old St. Patricks Day shirt I had. It took me a little while to figure it out, but I go it done!! This is what the back looked like…


I had to do a little bribing for Brian to come to the race, but he still came! I am very grateful that he supports me in each of my goals! The morning of the race came. I got dressed, ate my breakfast and took off for the race with Brian and Karen!



I wasn’t sure what to expect from this race because it has been so long since I did a 5K. I just wanted to go out and keep moving through the whole 5K.

We took a few pictures, got lined up for the race and then took off!


Karen did awesome! She ended up getting 1st in her age group!  Image

I strolled in at 27:36 which is a 3 minute PR for me from my last 5K.That means I was keeping around 9:00 minute pace which is unreal for me! I was not expecting that at all! I would have come in 4th in my age group, but oh well. I will probably run this race again because it is a small race and the course was very nice. We went through neighborhoods that were nice and it felt great! It was cold at first, but I warmed up very quickly!



Karen and I after the race! We were both very pleased with the race! We went into Athlete’s Corner who put the race on after the race and looked around and then headed over to Panera Bread to eat breakfast. Brian and I had already eaten, so I got a coffee and we hung out while Karen ate.


Overall, it was an amazing race that I will probably run again in the future! I loved being able to spend time with family and run as well!  I have a couple of races coming up in a few weeks that I am excited to run, and of course one of them is a mud run!

Question: Have you ran any 5K’s this season yet? 


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  1. I’ve done two 5Ks just this month. I haven’t done such short events in a while, but I’m really beginning to like them. They’re so much less logistically complex than half marathons.

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