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Snow Run/Walk in APRIL!!


A couple of weekends ago, I volunteered for a 5K race in my home town. It was my first race to volunteer for and I was super excited about it! 


This race was benefiting the “Ulcerative Colitis (Non-Profit) 501 (c)(3)”. 

“The specific purpose of UCFA is to contribute the organization’s proceeds from charitable donations and fundraising activities to support finanially distresed individuals and provide scholarships to individuals affected by ulcerative colitis. We also see our mission in informing the public about the newest methods and treatment of ulcerative colitis.”

– UCFA Facebook Page

I found out about this race and thought it would be fun to do. Who wouldn’t want to run in the snow during April! I know this girl would! I came in contact with the owner/founder of this race and was able to pick up my t-shirt from the local gun range where he worked. I LOVED the shirt! It wasn’t your typical white race shirt! The owner told me to show up around 7 the next day! The founder of this race started the organization and actually fought through ulcerative colitis. He is a miracle himself and is giving back to the community now! 

That morning whenever I got there I wasn’t sure what to expect, but we ended up being put right to work making snow! Yes, you heard me right, we were making snow. You would take 2 cups of this powdered white stuff, mix it with a bucket of water and it ended up making snow! 

Pretty soon people started arriving and getting ready for the race! 



I ended up seeing a bunch of people that I haven’t seen in a long time including one of my past students! The race was a success and there was snow everywhere in APRIL!!! It was fantastic! I loved being able to help out with this race and everything that it involved! If you ever get a chance to volunteer at a local race, then do it! I promise you will not be disappointed. I met a bunch of great people!  

Question: Have you ever volunteered in a local race? What did you think of it?