Run or Dye 5K Race Recap

Run or Dye 5K Race Recap

Run or Dye 5K

I am trying to catch up on all my race recaps. I have quite a few, so just hang with me as I get through some of these! I ran the Run or Dye 5K in May and it was a blast! I ended up running with 3 teacher friends and then 2 other friends.


Before we went through the color we were all white and pretty! I love wearing the different tall socks! just a little hint, but whenever you do a color run, if you wear tall socks, then that is one less place you have to clean the color off of your legs!

This race was not far from where I live and they did a fantastic job of creating it! We all had at least 2 color packets in our hand when it was time to throw the dye! They kept throwing the dye out to us and we kept on catching it! I would do this race again if somebody wanted me too.


This race was kind of like a farewell for two of the 4 people in this picture! My friend Kate (far right) and I were both leaving the school we have taught at for 3 years and going to another school. (More on that later). While our other 2 friends(Two on the far left) will continue teaching there. We have formed such a great friendship with all the teachers that we taught with and will never forget our time there! I am sad to be leaving, but happy to start a new journey!

The race had 4 different color stations that you went through and they were taking it by the handfuls and throwing it at you. Keep in mind to always close your mouth when running through the color! This race did not feel like 3 miles to me whenever I crossed the finish line which could be a good or bad thing. I did not wear my garmin, so I am not sure how far it was, but I know it was not 3 miles exactly.


At the color run I met up with a friend of mine I had only talked to online! This was her first 5K and she did fantastic! I was so proud of her! Way to go Angela!

Overall we had a great time at the race. I am not sure if I will be doing another color run for a while! This was my 3rd one and I have done 5 in all now, so I am pretty done with color runs at this point in time. But if I see something that catches my eye, who knows what could come!

I thought I would put together a few tips if you have never ran a Color Run before, so here goes.

1. Wear white so the color will show up better.

2. Wear tall socks, so that you will not have color on that part of your leg.

3. Wear sunglasses, so that the color does not get in your eyes. It also makes for a really great picture when you take the sunglasses off.

4. When going through the color DO NOT OPEN YOUR MOUTH! I did this once, and I promise you the color does not taste good at all!

5. Last, but not least, find lots of color packets and go crazy at the after party!

Our Awesome friend Meigan made the t-shirts for us with the uniquely cool back! 


You will love whatever color run you do. Have a blast and enjoy the time out there with friends! I know I do! Check out the video below for more recap of this race! 



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Hi! My name is Kayla and I am a 4th Grade teacher. I have ran quite a few half marathons, mud/adventure runs and many other 5K's and 10K's. I love working out and staying active. I love crossfit and swimming and keeping myself in shape. My family and God are what keep me going each day! Journey with me through my crazy life as a teacher and staying active. I am always up for trying new things!

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