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Back To It!


Last night we had our Open House for parents to meet the teachers, drop off supplies and for the students to see their new classroom! I haven’t said much on here about my new job, but I am proud to announce that I am now teaching 4th grade at a Christian School! I am so excited to be able to teach here and to be able to express my faith openly. I currently have 13 students, but I think one more will be added soon. Our class sizes will not go over 15 each (there is two of us) which will mean 30 in all! It makes me so excited to know that I will not have a huge class of students which means I can individualize a little bit more than you can in a public school.


We start on Monday, which is so weird for me, because I am used to starting around 2 weeks from now! My summer has been very short because I have been working in my room constantly for the past 3-4 weeks each day. I am excited to start the year, but nervous at the same time! Here is a look into my room! Just a few things.


There were so many parents in here last night, but it was great! I loved being able to meet everyone and connect names with faces! Now the fun part will be remember/learning all of their names! Yikes!

I hope if you are going back to teaching this year, that you have a great year!

I have a review coming up and a look at something I haven’t done in 10 years coming up soon!

Enjoy your weekend!

Question: Are you starting back school on Monday? If so, are you ready?


Sweet Summertime


This summer was great, busy and full of changes for me! I started out teaching swimming lessons, so that is where I am going to start for now. I taught over 30 kids and it was tiring, rewarding, draining and exciting all rolled up into one. 

I am a certified WSI instructor and have been for 3 years now! I am so grateful to my brother who allows me to use his pool during the day to teach lessons. I am going to let the pictures do the talking for now, because these kids are so cute! 

10517129_10100944706173438_228142733_n10478511_10100935912530968_1569866197_n10485697_10100935303631208_259609963_n 10466840_10100935202942988_787762086_n



All of these kids I know in some form or fashion, whether it be from school or church! It is amazing what networking can do for you! I love being able to teach them swimming and understanding that water is not there to hurt you if you know what to do in it and not panic!! 

More changes happened this summer, but I will save that for another post! 

Wedding Shower Time


This past weekend I went to my friends Wedding Shower! The same friend that I wrote about the Bachlorette party…yes…that same friend, but her Wedding Shower. 

It was a tea party and my mother and I were going to be attending it! We had to wear these big hats since it was a TEA Party and thank goodness my mom had a couple! 


My mom and I

Do we look alike at all! I have been told so many different times I look like my mom more and then somebody else says I look like my dad more! :0) I guess I am the perfect mix! 

My friend’s shower was at her mom’s house! I have known this family since I was born. Our brothers went to school and graduated together and then my friend getting married was a year younger than me. They had lake houses close together and now they are only 15 minutes away from each other. We have kept in touch throughout the years! She was in my wedding and now I am in her wedding. 

10595847_10100988910108398_897066454_nMy sweet husband and I! I am still in love with how bright this dress is! I got it from a small boutique close to the town I live in! 



My friend getting married is in the middle picture with the hat on! The top picture is the large amount of food that was there! Her mamma can cook and knows how to ENTERTAIN!!! She is awesome at that! Everything was so delicious! 

During the shower they had two teams that made toilet paper dresses! It was hilarious! 



My friend got so many awesome gifts at her shower and I am so very happy for her! It was beautiful and she deserved every minute of it! 


This is all the bridesmaids except three I think! She has 11 in all! This girl has broken me out of my box so many different times it is unreal! I love her crazy self and how much life she can bring into a room in just an instant! 

I just got my bridesmaid dress in for her wedding and I can not wait to show all of you what it looks like….but that will have to wait!