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Fitness Friday…A Day late


Things have been crazy over here. This week was my first week back to school after Christmas break and lets just say that trying to get back into a groove of getting up early, lesson plans, and the students is not easy!

We started a new novel unit this week over “Holes” by Louis Sachar! Most of the students have seen this movie! They are all really excited to read the book, however they keep comparing the book and the movie!


I am thinking that a compare and contrast essay between the book and the movie are going to be appropriate for this unit!

This week, I got a couple of workouts in, but I spent a lot of time with my family. Also, I just finished getting over the flu and did not want to push my body so hard that it decided to relapse.

never try, never know

I saw this quote the other day and I loved it! It takes me back to when I ran my first half marathon! 

Monday- 3 Mile Run

Tuesday- 3 mile Run

Wednesday-Friday- Rest and I was exhausted every time I came home. There were also freeze/wind chill warnings and I would rather be well for my half marathon next weekend, then coughing up a lung!

Saturday- Run 6 miles with friends-I may be running some trails, but I am not sure yet.

This week I plan to run on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and then take Friday-Saturday off since I will be traveling to Louisiana for my half marathon. I have two half marathons in two weekends, so I am definitely going to be taking it easy as not to burn myself out!

Question: How was your workouts this week? Did you get in any? 


Running Gifts!

Running Gifts!

Christmas this year was very interesting for me. I was kind of all over the place when it came to traveling. I went from my parents house to my brothers house, to my sister-in-law’s families house and then Christmas at my house.

For Christmas this year I got quite a few different types of runners’ style gifts that I really like! I wanted to share them incase you have not tried or seen them before.

garmin watch

I got lots of gift cards for Christmas and with one of those gift cards I bought the Garmin Forerunning 15. I absolutely love this watch. My other Garmin still works and is great, but I wanted something a little bit smaller and easier to work with. I also got a Fitbit from my inlaws! I have been wearing it everyday and I love tracking my sleep in it! It is actually very accurate as to what I thought it would tell me about how I sleep.

These next couple of pictures are sideways. I apologize!


Sorry it is sideways. I love yurbuds. I have had a pair for about 3 years now and they were starting to wear down and fall out of my ears. (Mainly, because of how much I sweat!) So, I asked for a pair of yurbuds that wrap around my ears. They are going to take some getting used to, but so far I like them!

bike shirt

My sister-in-law got me this awesome and super comfortable bike shirt! I love to bike ride and this was perfect. I am not sure where it came from, but I do love it!


Last, but not least, I got a Flipbelt! I am so excited to try this belt out! I have tried it on before, but I have not gotten to take it for a long run yet. I am hoping it does not bounce around on my hip like the Spi Belt does. I am hoping to do a review on it soon!

 **Question: What kind of running/workout gifts did you get this year? Are you going to be using it soon or have you already? 

A Busy Christmas Break in pictures


This Christmas break was quite busy for me. My husband had to work out of town for the week of Christmas (YAY Me!). Thankfully, I have some awesome family who included me in their Christmas activities and fun. I started Christmas break off at Journey to the North Pole. It is a huge celebration that my church puts on for the community. My friend Mary and I got to test some of the activities early on…

crazy friend

Then, my parents just bought a new home 45 minutes from me and to say I am excited is just a little bit of how I feel. I love that they are so close to me! I went to their house to help them unpack. They own a beautiful piece of property.

parents land

We went from there to my brother’s house to celebrate my side of the families Christmas. We usually celebrate on Christmas Eve.

anna and I

lauren and I

I decided that I wanted to stay at home that evening (Christmas Eve) because I had my puppies and I wanted to mainly sleep in my own bed. That is such a joy to be able to sleep in your own bed especially when you travel quite a bit.

The next day I got up and went to my other brother’s house and celebrated Christmas morning with them. They had a stocking from Santa and everything waiting for me. It was so very sweet of them and I was not expecting it. I was going to be spending Christmas Day with their family.

meagan and I at christmas

My niece wanted me to help her color her bag she had gotten that morning. I am still a big kid at heart and love to color just as much as any other kid.

That day was so much fun and I enjoyed spending it with their family. I did not expect them to get me a gift there since they do Secret Santa by my sister-in-laws mother surprised me with a gift.

That Saturday, before my husband came back from work. I woke up ready to do 10 miles. It was the bardes 10 miles I have ever done before! I was miserable. It didn’t help that the humidity was around 90% and it was not hot or cold. I had to stop so many times and felt really defeated for my upcoming half marathon.

sick 10 miler

I realized later that day why it was such a miserable run….I had the FLU!! Can you see how pale I looked! Since then I have been in bed, taking tamiflu and resting. I am not taking any chances of relapsing since my 1st half this year is in less than 16 days (2 weeks)! YIKES!!

Here’s to hoping for a better 2015 then it has started out to be and getting much better before school starts and my upcoming half marathon! I hope everyone has had a relaxing Christmas break and New Years! I got some awesome running gear for Christmas this year and I can not wait to share it with you all!