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Dream Big

Dream Big

I believe that the key to a happy life is trying to stay family/people who love me for the way I am. People who love me for what God made me inspires me to be the best  person that I am today. I am lucky to have family and friends in my life because they inspire me to live life to my fullest and to chase my dreams.

 My dream is to one day have one student come back and tell me I helped them or made a difference in their life and even if it takes 50 years, I know I’ll get there because I’m not afraid to dream big!


 While I dream big, I hope to inspire others by my positive attitude and uplifting spirit. I have many students each day that I teach/coach every day. I hope to one day have one of those students come back and show that I made a difference in the teaching world! I had a friend the other day tell me that my teaching style was strict but caring. The atmosphere in my room was different because she could tell that I cared about the students and their achievement!


That comment made me feel amazing! I try to work very hard to help my students…..long hours, lots of time at home, being away from family, putting other things to the side, etc.


All good teachers know that feeling at some point in their life. I love having students come back up to me year after year wanting me to teach them or giving me big hugs! I even have my junior high athletes doing that and I love it!



By working as hard as I can to be the best teacher I can day after day, even it means the kids have to see my cry, get upset or frustrated! It is all raw and students need to see that a teacher is normal! 


What I am loving Right now…..

What I am loving Right now…..

There are a few things that I am LOVING this summer. All of these items I have used for many years . I want to share with you these items incase you  have never used them or if you are in the market for something along these lines! 

The first one is my Erin Condren Planner. I have used Erin Condren for 3 years now. If you are a teacher and have never heard of these planners, please click on the link above and start using them. They are a little on the expensive side, but they are so worth it.

I am the type of teacher that likes to write out my plans before I type them in and this allows me to do that. It has calendar, notes, grids, folders and so much more in this planner. It is my go to planner and pretty much holds my life in it at this point in time. I just ordered my new one which is the one below and can not wait for it to come in! I also may have ordered a few more accessories to go with it, but you will have to wait and see.


This is just an example of what the lesson planning section looks like. It is amazing!


Something else I am loving right now is Bullfrog Sunscreen.


Since I teach swimming for about 2-4 hours out of the day for the month of July I am always on the lookout for a good sunscreen that I do not have to reapply every hour or so. Insert Bull Frog Sunscreen! If you have never used this stuff it is absolutely AMAZING! I have used their products for 3 years now in and out of swimming lessons. I recommend it to all of my students/parents that I teach. I have not burned in 3 years.

The downside to this sunscreen where I live is that it is hard to find. Luckily this year I have only needed 2 bottles and I have found them at Academy hiding behind other sunscreen. The one pictured above is my particular favorite because of how it sprays out with a continuous scary. I only use SPF 30, because SPF 50 can actually clog your pores.

The last thing that I am loving right now is my Eno Hammock!


I received the Eno Hammock as a birthday gift. I do not have any trees in my backyard, but I love this hammock. I figured out a way to hang it up in my backyard. You can hang this hammock up virtually anywhere as you can see above and below. It has adjustable straps on it and can be positioned any way. I have the double nest hammock which is like the one in the above left picture. It can fit two people in it. I love it and can not wait to use it in all different ways. It is quite hot outside right now to be laying out, but once those fall months come along I will be laying in my hammock quite often!

If you haven’t seen some of these products I hope you will check them out. These are all products that I have personally and have used numerous times!

Question: Have you used any of these products? If so, which one and what did you think of it?

Crossfit- Back at it!


In May I started back up at Crossfit again. I am not going to the same crossfit as before because the one I attend now is on my way to and from work. I usually go 3 times per week, but this summer has been kind of crazy, so I haven’t been able to go as much as I would like too. Between teaching swimming lessons and working in my classroom I have only been able to attend 4 times in the month of June and then July will be even crazier.

I can definitely tell I need to get back to where I was before or at least close. My breathing is different now and I have lost some of my strength, but there are a few things that I can still do, such as pull-ups and handstands. I didn’t loose the technique, just trying to remember how to do everything.


I love that I can still do a handstand with one arm. I may have to go up with two arms and then take one away, but I still am able to do it.

One thing I have been working on is my butterfly pull-ups. I had them before I stopped last time, but it has taken me a while to get them back. I keep ripping my hands, so I have to take it nice and slow. If you know any good wraps or something I could do to help my hands, please let me know. I am desperate to not rip my hands so much.

I took a video the other day trying to do the butterfly pull-ups, because I wanted to see what I still needed to work on. I think they came out pretty good, but I know I can still use some work on my technique. I know they are not perfect and I can only string together about 5 of them, which means I need to build my strength back up.

Question: Do you see anything that I can work on for my pull-ups? 

Sweet Summertime Swimming


This summer I have been super busy teaching swimming lessons every weekday to precious children. I am a certified WSI instructor. I was certified 3 years ago and I LOVE teaching these precious babies how to swim. I mostly teach 3 years old and up and I usually teach private lessons. I have to turn away so many people because I book up on lessons towards the end of May, beginning of April. This summer I taught one more week then my normal amount of time, but now I am finished and can finally concentrate on my own summer enjoyment!

Here is just a few pictures/slideshow that I made on the iMovie app to show you how my summer has been going…It is less than a 1:30, so I hope you enjoy!

I have loved teaching these sweet babies how to swim this summer! It is such a joy to see the parents watch their babies improve year after year! They all work so hard each year. Swimming can be a very scary process, if not handled the correct way.

I am not the type of teacher to push the children in to learn how to swim. My motto this summer has been PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE! If you are patient with a child, they will eventually come around to learning how to swim. I have seen it happen over and over again! Trust the process!

Question: How many of you out there teach swimming lessons? How long do you teach during the summer?