Sweet Summertime Swimming


This summer I have been super busy teaching swimming lessons every weekday to precious children. I am a certified WSI instructor. I was certified 3 years ago and I LOVE teaching these precious babies how to swim. I mostly teach 3 years old and up and I usually teach private lessons. I have to turn away so many people because I book up on lessons towards the end of May, beginning of April. This summer I taught one more week then my normal amount of time, but now I am finished and can finally concentrate on my own summer enjoyment!

Here is just a few pictures/slideshow that I made on the iMovie app to show you how my summer has been going…It is less than a 1:30, so I hope you enjoy!

I have loved teaching these sweet babies how to swim this summer! It is such a joy to see the parents watch their babies improve year after year! They all work so hard each year. Swimming can be a very scary process, if not handled the correct way.

I am not the type of teacher to push the children in to learn how to swim. My motto this summer has been PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE! If you are patient with a child, they will eventually come around to learning how to swim. I have seen it happen over and over again! Trust the process!

Question: How many of you out there teach swimming lessons? How long do you teach during the summer?


About thelittlerunningteacher

Hi! My name is Kayla and I am a 4th Grade teacher. I have ran quite a few half marathons, mud/adventure runs and many other 5K's and 10K's. I love working out and staying active. I love crossfit and swimming and keeping myself in shape. My family and God are what keep me going each day! Journey with me through my crazy life as a teacher and staying active. I am always up for trying new things!

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