Dream Big

Dream Big

I believe that the key to a happy life is trying to stay family/people who love me for the way I am. People who love me for what God made me inspires me to be the best  person that I am today. I am lucky to have family and friends in my life because they inspire me to live life to my fullest and to chase my dreams.

 My dream is to one day have one student come back and tell me I helped them or made a difference in their life and even if it takes 50 years, I know I’ll get there because I’m not afraid to dream big!


 While I dream big, I hope to inspire others by my positive attitude and uplifting spirit. I have many students each day that I teach/coach every day. I hope to one day have one of those students come back and show that I made a difference in the teaching world! I had a friend the other day tell me that my teaching style was strict but caring. The atmosphere in my room was different because she could tell that I cared about the students and their achievement!


That comment made me feel amazing! I try to work very hard to help my students…..long hours, lots of time at home, being away from family, putting other things to the side, etc.


All good teachers know that feeling at some point in their life. I love having students come back up to me year after year wanting me to teach them or giving me big hugs! I even have my junior high athletes doing that and I love it!



By working as hard as I can to be the best teacher I can day after day, even it means the kids have to see my cry, get upset or frustrated! It is all raw and students need to see that a teacher is normal! 


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