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Run Disney Virtual Running Shorts


I have never been able to attend a RunDisney race at Disney World or Disney Land, which makes me extremely sad! They fall at the wrong times being a teacher and not being able to take off that much time. It is quite hard! However, when I heard about RunDisney offering the virtual race I was extremely excited until I saw the price. Then, I became sad again. I knew it was a very high price, but I thought I would be patient and wait to register. It was a good thing I did. I asked my husband and he said OK, and I did not hesitate to register.

I am only planning on running a few races in the fall, depending on a few things that we are waiting to hear about, but I was not planning on running any 5k’s anytime soon. I registered for the series which includes the Shoes, Shorts and White Glove. If you complete all three in the series, then you also get a fourth medal and a Mickey tumbler! Uhhh…okay….no problem! 4 medals for 3 races.

rundisney virtual running series

I love that RunDisney is doing these virtual races especially because it is during the summer and I have time to run in-between swimming and doing crossfit!

Look how incredibly cute the bibs are……13346914_10101824631920188_543588848372405228_n

You can download these from their Facebook group and then if you want to save ink like I am doing, just screenshot them and add your name in with clipart on a photo editing app.

I think the races are sold out at this point, but if the bibs were not cute enough, look at how amazing the medals are….CjZkKfJWkAEzMnC

They released this picture on their twitter page and I loved them, especially the series medal! I know that most of the money is going towards the medals, but they are still super cute.

I was able to earn my yellow shoes medal today! I taught swimming this morning and then ran after that and boy was it hot, hot, hot!! My lungs were heavy and it was hard to breathe and I will not be doing that again! I felt like I was going to pass out, but I did it! When I finished I was desperate for water, so I sat outside in my backyard and turned on the sprinkler! My face was blood red! 13346374_10101824316936418_1314761507003306178_o

It is also Memorial Day today, which means that we should honor those service men and women who were never able to make it back home to their friends and family! Thank you to all the men and women who serve our country and fight for our freedom! May we never forget you! Both of my grandparents, my father, uncle and brother have all served in the service and I am forever grateful that I knew/know 5 out of the 6 of them!

I hope everybody has had a wonderful Memorial Day! Remember, it is not all about BBQ’ing and playing outside with friends and family!