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Happy Birthday US Army- Hero Wod


On Tuesday, I was able to participate in a Hero Wod at my crossfit gym. This wod was celebrating the United States Army birthday on June 14, 1775 and also honoring the victims  and families from the shooting in Orlando. The events that have been happening have really made me think about how grateful and lucky I am to live where I live. I feel like sometimes I am in a bubble and in my own little world.

My heart hurts for these families that have loved ones going through this. This Hero Wod is designed to make you work harder than your body thinks it can, to keep pushing to finish even though your head tells you to stop. It is designed to push hard for the victims and the people who put their life on the line each and every day!

This is how the wod went….


Complete as many rounds as possible in 60 minutes of:
17 power cleans, 135 lb.
75 squats
Unload the barbell and carry it 200m then Run 200m.
Return to the plates and then carry one plate 200m, then Run 200m. 

Retrieve the second plate, carry it 200m and reload the barbell for the next round.

You repeated this workout over and over again for an hour. If you had to leave at 45 minutes (end of class) then you could, but everybody in my class stayed and finished the full 60 minutes. It was hard, but I truly enjoyed this workout and knowing that I may not be doing alot, but I was doing something to honor these different occasions!


Thank you to the Army for putting your life on the line everyday for our freedom. Thank you to the men and women that went into the nightclub and sacrificed your life for the lifes of others. My prayers are with each and every family!


Moonlight Madness 2016


For the past 3 years my friends Mary and Chelsey have completed the Moonlight Madness Bike Ride. This bike ride is only 14 miles and it is a family friendly bike ride. It starts at 10 pm and goes throughout the local city near me. This ride is just a casual ride. Last year we had skateboarders riding with us. You will see people with really nice bikes, semi-nice and just plain jane bikes. Little kids ride this race as well as parents and grandparents. They have a rest stop at 7 miles and it is completely police escorted.

My friends and I love riding this race and try to make it a point every year to ride together. This year wasn’t any different and despite all the crazy weather we have been having, we were still able to ride.

The morning of the ride I wasn’t going to be able to go home to get my bike and make it to the ride, so I loaded up my bike at 6 a.m. I couldn’t see out my bike window, and it was hard to even see how to get my bike in the car, but I did it and I am a pro at it now!

There are always tons of people at this race, but it is very well organized.


When we got to the race we were all debating if we wanted to get the t-shirt or not. It was the same style as the last 2 years, but a different color. I didn’t want to, but thought it would be fun if we all had a different color shirt on.


The light blue shirt is the first year, the purple shirt was the second year and the shirt I am wearing is from this year! The shirts are super comfortable! We went to the start line and waited for the cops to tell us to go. There were not as many cops this year, so they informed us that we were going to be going a lot slower than normal and we truly did. You can not go ahead of the cop, since it is completely escorted. We made that mistake one year. oops.


The rest stop has all kinds of yummy treats and drinks. There are also restrooms located at the rest stop. I picked up a banana and could not believe how long the banana was. I placed it on my bike seat just so you could see a comparison of the size. After we saw that the cops were ready to go again, we lined up and started back for 7 more miles.

We finished the race out and it was 12:00 at this point. We were all exhausted because we had all worked that day as well. We headed home and were grateful and happy for another successful Moonlight Madness Bike Ride! Until next year…

Have you completed a bike race at night? 


Tour Lafitte….Did it Happen?


A few weeks ago I signed up for my first bike race of the season! I was so excited because I had been eyeing this race since last year! I registered for the 10 mile option. This race benefited the Special Olympics and was quite inexpensive compared to other bike races I have ridden in. My sister-in-law and her friend were going to be joining me. It is in Lake Charles, LA and I knew the route pretty well because we had ran some of it before for previous 5k’s and 10k’s.

I left around 4:45 am from my house with the bike in the back end of my car and was checking my radar like crazy. I was lucky enough to beat the huge storm that was coming and made it to downtown before it hit! IMG_4367

This is what the radar looked like and when I got there it was still pitch black. They were not going to call the race until 6:00 am. I had been talking to my sister-in-law already that morning and she was headed there. By the time she got there they had just decided to call the race. IMG_4803

I am quite stubborn and still wanted to ride. I continued checking the radar and saw that the rain was not coming just yet. I convinced my sister-in-law and her friend to ride for just a few miles and then we would turn around.  IMG_4804IMG_4805


Other people had the same idea as us. We had registered for the race and we still wanted to ride. We saw quite a few runners and bikers on the road. As we were turning to come back the lightning and thunder started. I was a little nervous at this time, and started to ride quite a bit faster.


We ended up making it back to the downtown area and crossed the finish line…..


All in all we biked around 5 miles. It was nice to get it in. We left shortly after that and coincidently the parking lot was very empty. We decided to go to Starbucks and we got there right on time. It started pouring down rain and we got stuck there for a little while. When we did decide to leave I was following my sister-in-law and we had to go around the mall parking lot to avoid the main road because it was completely flooded. We both drive larger cars, but we did not want to attempt to drive through the high water.

We ended up making it back to her house and I was able to hang out and hold this sweet guy!


He has already grown so much and is so precious!

Every time that my friends and I try to complete a race something happens….car troubles, race cancellations, freezing weather, etc. It make for an interested story each and every time and I truly love it!

Up next, Moonlight Madness Bike Ride…..Will it happen or NOT? 

Have you had any race cancellations this year due to the CRAZY Weather?