From mud and sweat to prim and proper! That is how I like to roll!

Hey there! My name is Kayla. My entire life I have been athletic. I grew up in a family that from when my parents were young, we all played sports. You name it, we have probably played it. I started out when I was 4 years old taking tumbling. I was in tumbling or floor gymnastics till 12th grade. Yes, you read that right, 13 years of tumbling and I loved every minute of it. It was truly a passion of mine then and still today. As I got older, I started getting involved with more sports such as basketball, volleyball, softball, track and so many more.

When Junior High came around I played volleyball, basketball and track as well as band where I played the clarinet! I loved being so busy and playing all these sports! I will not say I was the best, but I always gave 110% effort in everything I did.

When high school rolled around I had to choose what I would play because we were in a small school and if you didn’t play a lot of sports, then sometimes the teams would not have enough players. Starting my freshman year I played volleyball, basketball, track, band and drill team. Let’s just say I did not have much of a life outside of school. All of my sports were right after one another. Sometimes I would go from a volleyball game, to throwing on a cheerleading uniform and out to the field to tumble and cheer. You talk about chaotic. Or even more fun is finishing up a volleyball game and putting on a sequined uniform with 4 layers and having to lather your face with a bunch of thick makeup for drill team.

On top of that I was also teaching tumbling one night a week. As the years went on I ended up dropping band and doing cheerleading my Senior Year. I was not a huge fan of this because the only reason I did cheerleading was so that I could tumble. My Senior Year I was voted Most Athletic girl and I also received the Scholar/Athlete Award from the U.S. Army.

At this time in my life I was able to eat pretty much anything that I wanted. I was always able to keep my weight down because I was so active playing sports. I was never big, just athletically built.

Above: Myself in 2004.

Picture Right: Dallas Half Marathon in 2011.

As I got into college I dropped off playing sports and lets just say that my body caught right up to me. I did not feel overweight, but there was one day when I saw a picture of myself and I could see how much weight I actually gained. Now, what may not seem like much to some people was a ton to me. I went from high school weighing around 130-135, to in college weighing almost 140-145. I am pretty short, so those pounds went straight to my hips, stomach and face.

At that point, I made some changes in my life. Check out my running story to see what changes those were. 

After graduating college and getting married in 2009, I started searching for a teaching job and little did I know that this would take me 2 years of searching to find one. That brings me to my life now. I have taught 2nd grade for 3 years and 4th Grade for 2 years, train for lots of different adventure/mud runs and races! I am currently just working out at crossfit and participating in local bike rides and races. I enjoy challenging my body and seeing what it can do!


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