In high school I was a sprinter and I never once thought about running a mile, much less 13 or more miles. I always thought those people were crazy! Little did I know the rush I would get from running so many miles.

My running story begins in 2009. It was right before I got married and I saw a picture of myself and how large I had gotten. I started running by doing the Couch to 5K option. I ended up loosing almost 10 pounds just from running. I had just gotten married to my husband and  I was student teaching from 7-3:30 and then working at another job from 4 until 10 p.m. This was a Monday-Sat. job and I never had time to run. I had time to come in eat and then go to sleep each day for almost 6 months. I was tired and exhausted and just did not want to do anything. In November of that year I quit that 2nd job and I amazingly had so much time to do what I wanted.

My sister-in-law Karen had started running and training for her first half marathon and that helped me to start running. Karen askedme if that summer I wanted to run a Fourth of july Race. I told her “yes”, not really knowing what I got myself into.

Jazz Half Marathon

That summer I ran the 4 on the Fourth of July race and that started my journey into running. I started training that next year and in October 2010 I ran my first half marathon; the Jazz Half in New Orleans.

In the process I started my blog and started planning many more races. It is true what they say about once you get bitten by the half marathon bug you want to keep running them. Since the Jazz half Marathon I have ran 4 more half marathons and I have a half and full marathon race this year (2012).

Rock N Roll Mardi Gras Half Marathon. 

I have ran many other 5K’s and 10K’s. Check out my Race Recaps tab to see all of my recaps that I have so far on there.

WWIII.5 Mud Run as Power Rangers. 

My running and working out time is a way for me to reflect on how far I have come and it is my time with God. I know that I would not be running if it was not for God helping me through each and every mile. I was also told the year that I was training that I would not be able to finish my half marathon by a close family member. Here is my story as to why they might have thought that…

Faith and Fighting to Running

Thanks for checking out my story!


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